Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Styling; Stars and Stripes

Hey guys, first of all I need to apologise that I haven't posted for a while but I have had a crazy week. Well first of I went back to school on Tuesday and then that leads to endless piles of homework and GCSE preparation. Then whilst halfway through creating a post the Accessorize website went down, and then my whole internet went down for a day, yet again more homework and my first babysitting job! H-E-C-T-I-C!

Anyway I'm back and I want to share my love for the latest trend, Stars and Stripes. One of my Best Friends sort of introduced me to this trend and I love it. I love America with a passion and I know that the majority of my readers are American, (I love you Guys) I have always had a huge passion for America and their celebs, fashion, music everything. actually my room is themed around New York and it is my dream to visit both New York City and the rest of America. This trend has become a huge thing in England and It's great, you can probably find the patriotic Stars and Stripes on anything, here's a few of my favs':


I love shorts, full stop. But when you mix shorts with the USA flag, you have pure genius. Loads of shops have them for a reasonable price, my favourites are from Missguided (#1) (My friend has these and they are gorgeous) Boohoo (#2) and Topshop (#3).


I adore shoes, but what girl doesn't, I found some uber cute Stars and Stripes shoes perfect for every occasion. The heels are from Missguided and although I would never in a month of Sundays be able to walk in them they are totes to die for. The converse are from Office me and my friends chipped in to by these for my other friend (who I was talking about earlier) and she doesn't step out of the house without them on.


One of my few talents is nail art, Its a great time passer and they look gorge, It was my other friend's birthday on Saturday and I was wearing my American top and red jeans so I had to have the nails to match, what do you think, I got so many comments on them and loads of request for me to each people how to do them I can always post a tutorial if you want, comment below if you do, or contact me via Facebook or Twitter.

Well I'm gonna go bed now because I have school tomorrow and yet more GCSE prep, woo!

See Ya!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Style Steal; Lauren Conrad

I think we have all heard by now that Coachella, one of the most noted festivals was held both last weekend and will be again on next weekend and as always it was full, well almost full, of stylish celebs. Ok well Coachella is notorious for its unfortunate celeb styles but you do still find the occasional chance to go 'WOW' One of my favourite looks was being sported by the beautiful and fellow blogger Lauren Conrad. It was Lauren's first time at Coachella and at no surprise she was one of the only celebrities to resist the temptation to dress like something that had just come out of a tribe in the woods.

She was pictured above with friend and Glee actress Lea Michel at the Lacoste party on Saturday, and they both looked perfect for a festival without getting the Pocahontas look. I managed to rummage round the web to find a very similar outfit a a reasonable price, because as a 13 year old girl I don't have the money to go buying all the expensive exact matches. Here's what I put together;

Top- H&M- £3.99 // Shorts- Free People-£87.08 // Shoes- New Look- £15.99  // Necklace- New Look- £6.99 // Hat- H&M- £7.99 // Bracelet- Forever 21- £3.15 // Sunglasses- Mango- £14.99

Although I said I was looking for reasonable price items of clothing I did use the exact match pair of shorts which is at a pricey £87, but I couldn't find a good match however I did find this pair of shorts which are of almost the same pattern and colours and at less that a third of the price:

Shorts- Asos- £25 

I hope you like it and if you do ever go to a festival look up to people like Miss Conrad for fashion advice.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Styling; Converse

Converse, you can barely walk down the street without seeing somebody wearing a pair of these world famous shoes. Probably due to the fact they are an ideal accompaniment to everything, whether its making a fashionable outfit with jeans or taking a more casual approach to a party dress, they are a must have for everybody. Although I do not yet own a pair, they are at the top of my must have list.

One of the greatest thing about Converse is the wide variety of designs they offer making their shoes a favourite for all. With their classic Chuck Taylor All Star to the special collection Dr. Seuss, they are probably one of the most versatile pairs of shoes available.

Another favourite feature of Converse is that you can design your own on the official website, with loads of different patterns and colours, they can really reflect your personality.

Like I said you can wear converse with practically everything, here's my 2 favourite ideas that I have put together:

So the first one is a casual London look, something you could wear on a trip to town with the girls or an informal family get-together. The TOP, HOODIE and JEANS are from New Look (click on the word to view) and the SHOES from the Converse store, however you could find them in almost any shoe shop. Make sure you wear it with the hoodie un-zipped so there is not a blue colour block.

My second is a more summery yet still casual look, maybe to wear down the beach or to a fairground in the summer. The TOP, JACKETSHORTS and HAIRBAND are again from New Look and the SHOES, of course from the Converse store. Again wear the denim jacket un-buttoned and the hairband around the head with big beachy waves to create that perfect summery look.

So what do you think? Your sure to be right with the trend if you try these out and of course add your own twist to create an outfit that represents your personality.

Oh, and with prom season around the corner, converse have even released a new prom collection for the girls and guys who want to casual down the traditional prom style, which could be a good idea for all the dancing, but what do you think, too casual? Leave a comment below!

Friday, 13 April 2012

10 Reasons Why; I love Parade!

OK well you probably all know by now I'm a teenage fangirl, and one of my 'victims' are the amazing girl group Parade. Parade are a British girl group made up of 5 members Bianca, Emily, Jessica, Lauren and Sian. Their debut single Louder reached number 10 in the official charts and perfume number 38. They have also released a self-titled album in November 2011. They have supported many acts like Shakira, Alexandra Burke and The Wanted as well as performing at several festivals like The Isle Of White Festival in 2011. And if you saw my post the other day about my new memo board, yes Parade did feature on that, so I thought I would tell you all about them.

So 10 reasons I love these amazing girls:

1- They have built up a career themselves, not through any talent competitions like many artists these days. They are very passionate and determined to be successful and they have a huge fanbase which they have created   by doing what they love.

2- Their CD is amazing, I don't think that their is a song on their that I don't love. Every song you can dance to and really brightens up my day listening to it. Its one of those albums where you just have to do the classic singing into a hairbrush whilst dancing around your bedroom, Its pure genius, and you should all have a copy, so here's the link:

3- They can actually sing live. Again unlike a majority of artists Parade can actually sing live. They are note perfect at every live show. I have even witnessed their pure amazingness live at Clothes Show Live 2011, and it was brilliant. Me and my best friend even managed to spot them walking into their performance and got a chance to say hi. I would love to see them perform again soon.

(I've had to look up other words for amazing now because I think I have already overused it- sorry)

4- Their dancing can blow ones mind (hmm maybe a bit to posh). All 5 girls can dance and they are beyond brilliant, their YouTube channel is full of videos of their choreography to songs from the album and it is astonishing to watch, I wish I could dance like them. Check out their dance to second song Perfume:

5- See what I mean! Another reason I love them is because they are so dedicated to their fans. They are always tweeting fans and commenting on Facebook posts, trying to keep a good connection with us. I love it because when ever I ave been tweeted by one of them I always feel special and go into fangirl mode and they make every single one of their fans get this spectacular feeling. Most celebs don't do this because they don't have time but Parade make time to talk with us which I love. They also arrange to meet up with fans in places like Nandos and ave a good old gossip, now that's something I would love to do

6- As well as Twitter and Facebook they also post videos on their YouTube -I know that's the whole point of YouTube but not many celebrities post videos- and every time I watch one of their videos I always seem to end up with either tears of laughter streaming down my cheeks or a really aching jaw, but that's a good thing. When I feel down watching their videos can make me feels so much better, its like an anti-depressant drug, sort of, ish.

7-This may not be a reason to love them, but they are really pretty and I would die to like like any of them.

8- They are fashion icons. The Parade girls all have a different and unique sense of style and show to their fans that you should be yourself and let your personality shine. They always look amazing and I think I might go and raid their wardrobes- some how? Anyway from Emily's turban to Sian's home- made shorts (which are pretty awesome) their fashion sense is amazing - sorry had to use it.

9- Similar to 5 and 6 but they are always keeping everybody updated, through Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, Paraders and Paradettes are always up to date on what the girls are doing, making it easier to meet them and be a part of the girls journey.

10- They are genuinely really nice, down to earth girls. When we kind of met them to speaking to them on Twitter, the Parade girls are just like any other normal girl - although most normal girls aren't touring with Shakira- they are always funny, kind and caring of each other and their fans.

Well that's just 10 reasons why I love Parade but there are many more. If you haven't already go:
Follow them on!/Parade
Like them on Facebook-
Subscribe on Youtube-
And whilst your at it, check out their website:

Group: @Parade
Bianca: @BiancaParade
Emily: @EmilyParade
Jessica: @JessicaParade
Lauren: @LaurenParade
Sian: @SianParade

Also go buy their album Parade.

I know you will love them as much as I do

P.S. All images belong to Parade

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Memo Board

This was supposed to be a short post, yeah I ramble on, so it is now a post that is short for me.

I have recently been re-decorating my bedroom, when its finished it should hopefully look amazing. My plan is to have a New York theme, all hot pink, black and white. I already have two opposite walls hot pink and the other two white, so I worked around that. My back wall, which is the largest and hot pink is going to have a small wall mural of a New York skyline and I may paint a few lyrics from Empire State of Mind around it. On the opposite pink wall I am going to have loads of quotes from Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Marilyn Monroe and some other random people. I also decided to jazz up my old memo board which was originally brown and boring, used to pin up school notices -urghh!

Sorry I don't have any step by step pictures, but I didn't know I was going to start a blog at the time I did this.

First I put masking tape on the cork to protect it as I painted the frame 2 coats of Hot Pink (because this is going on the white wall). Then remove the tape. Also be careful when painting because I managed to get a huge splinter in my finger.

Next I decided to glue down some coloured tissue paper, so I had a nice background. I used PVA glue and it worked a treat.

Finally I gathered up a load of magazines and cut out pictures of my favourite celebs, clothes, words, whatever you want really. I also got some clothing tags- with the brand name, photos, tickets from shows, travel tickets and the paper you get from perfume samples- again with the brand name. I set it all out on the board biggest pictures first and worked round them with the smaller ones. Don't glue down until you know where you want everything to go.

When you think you have it, glue down, and overlap pictures to get a full effect. And this is what mine turned out like:

I blurred out the faces of my friends, because none of them know about this blog and I don't want to put their faces on the Internet without permission. At first the pictures may look wet and almost see through from the glue but leave it to dry and it will be fine.

My mood board features Selena Gomez, One Direction, Parade, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale, Little Mix, Jessie J, and Elle McPherson. As well as clothing tags and perfume samples from Lipsy, New Look, Justin Bieber, DKNY, Jimmy Choo, Vivienne Westwood, Barry M and Estee Lauder. I also have tickets from my favourite memories like my One Direction ticket, London tube ticket from my first photo shoot, entry ticket to Disney Land and leaflets from Clothes Show Live

I am really happy with this and it really shows of my personality. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Style Steal; Selena Gomez

As you can probably already tell, I have a major girl crush on Selena Gomez. I think she is such an inspiring person. I also love her style. I absolutely love what she is wearing here after her trip to the hair salon last Friday.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to find the exact match of what she is wearing, but that is probably a good thing as no doubts you would need to be super famous or rich to afford it. But I did manage to put together an outfit very similar, made up from clothing items you will be able to find in your local town, and without burning a hole in your pocket. If you don't have one of these shops near where you live or in your country they all ship to most places all over the globe.

 These gorgeous shoes are from Accessorize and  are available in sizes 4-9 (UK) at £28.

The sunglasses are too from Accessorize at a reasonable £15

And I found this bag at Next for £22

She is also sporting a Wella bag, this is probably due to the fact she had just come out of the salon after getting her extensions put in for the filming of yet another film. If you really want to get the complete look maybe pop down to your local salon and see if they can 'bag' (sorry couldn't resist) you one. I'm loving the return of the long hair, but what do you think- yay or nay? Leave a comment below.

I hope this helped, and you try it out some time, if you liked it leave me a comment and hit that follow button. 

Much love

Monday, 9 April 2012

Music Monday; 'Call Me Maybe'

Its been described at the perfect pop song, compared against early songs of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Yep, I'm talking about 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen and if you haven't heard it already you really need to. Its such a great song and I've been singing it all week. I personally think it is one of the best songs to come to the Pop world.

The crazy thing is that is was released in Canada in  September 2011 yet has only just bagged number 1 in the UK. This is  probably due to the fact that international pop stars Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez tweeted about, gaining her a record deal through Schoolboy records of which she then released the single through them in the United States. She then made her US TV debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, yet again boosting the amount of single purchases

The music video for 'Call Me Maybe' is one of the funniest I have seen. It is basically about Carly Rae having a crush on her neighbour. She watches him and her friends push her to get his attention. Whilst Carly and bandmates are practicing the song the neighbour seems to be enjoying it, much to Carly Rae's joy. But theres a twist, Check out the video here:

Probably the main reason many people found out about this song, including myself is because of a viral video featuring Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Big Time Rush and friends. The video is just  fun and crazy, as the pop stars have a crazy 'rave' to the song. And it has almost double the amount of views as the original video- crazy stuff. It also features a close shave of a Bieber & Gomez kiss. Oooh, check it out here:

What do you think of it, leave a comment below.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

April; Monthly Musts and Happy Easter

I can’t believe we are already more than a week into April, but seeing as I only started this Blog yesterday I’m gonna do this Monthly Musts now, I have seen variations of this on many different blogs and it looked like fun, so I’m going to give it a go. Every Month I’m going to post the top 3 things I’m loving for this month from fashion to food, tv shows to birthdays.

1-Coloured Denim
My first is coloured denim, I absolutely love this cute twist on your regular blue jeans and jackets. With practically every shade of the rainbow, there is something for everyone.  Seeing people walking around in different coloured jeans really brightens up the place. This month I really want to get a pair of coloured jeans, but I’m still undecided on what colour. I have seen these in almost every high street shop and they are not too pricey. I found these ones at New Look from just £16.99 and they come in a variety of colours. I love the coral.

And it’s not just jeans, denim jackets have recently made a huge come back, and now they are also coming in different colours. You can probably pick these up quite cheaply in a high street shop but I love this one from H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams for £35.

Coloured denim is definitely a must have for this spring, and is the hot trend with the celebrities right now. As sported here by Victoria Justice and Dakota Fanning.

Happy Easter! I love Easter this might be because I’m a chocaholic but it’s just such a fun time. I love going to the shops choosing the perfect egg for each member of my family, then going round to their houses to deliver them. Seeing the kids’ faces light up as soon as they see the bag of eggs is just amazing. I woke up this morning to find that my dad had put my eggs on my bed. It was a wonderful sight to wake up to, it felt like Christmas all over again. With this amount of chocolate I seem to still be breaking Easter eggs in August.

I came home the other day to find my cousin had left a bag on my door. I opened it up to find probably the cutest Easter treat ever. A hollow chocolate cupcake.  It’s so cute I don’t think I will want to eat it.

3- iGo One Direction
Being the fangirl that I am I am so excited for this episode of iCarly with very special guests One Direction *Cue screaming inside my head*. I have never watched iCarly because it has never seemed to interest me but the moment I found out that One Direction were to be guest starring I wasn’t going to let that stop me watching it. As just 5 ‘regular teen boys’ (because every regular teen boy is touring the world with thousands of screaming girls following them) they are not the best actors which will definitely make this even funnier.

The basic story line is that Carly gets sick after a holiday. After being cured of the symptoms she is warned that she still may be contagious. One Direction *ahhhhhh* accept an invitation to iCarly and Harry gets ill after drinking for Carly’s water bottle.When he still isn’t feeling better after a week of Carly taking care of him, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis get the suspicion that he is faking . To get him to confess they lie that Gibby- who is a huge One Direction Fan- is accepted into the band. Harry is so shocked he stops faking.  They then perform their debut single ‘What Makes You beautiful’ It sounds a bit crazy but then again that’s the middle name of these 5 boys. 
The episode premiered yesterday in America and will be on UK screens Monday 16th April at  5.30pm on Nickelodeon, so pencil the time in your diaries. For now here’s a funny little sneak peek.

Wow! Well there is my top 3 Monthly Musts for April. Thank you for reading it. Follow my blog at the top and follow me on twitter @xbecca_hx , I have loved writing this and hope to write again soon.


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hey : )


At the moment I'm probably just talking to myself, hopefully that will change soon!

Well basically, My name is Becca, I'm 13 and from the UK. I have always loved reading blogs and have wanted to start my own for ages, but I've only just come around to doing it. Most blogs are by Mums so I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog written by a teen and aimed at teens.

I love fashion and beauty, from clothes to shoes, lip gloss to nail polish. I love it all! I have always had an interest in hair and nails, with crazy and creative styles I love to do on myself, friends and family.

I also love music especially One Direction and Selena Gomez, and I must admit I am a fangirl, for those of you who are not aware of this term Urban Dictionary define it as, and I quote:
 'A fangirl is a (female) fan of a singer. Usually they have an obsession with their "idol" and do various activities to show their love for the said idol. Such activities include ranting about them, making shrines or fanlistings, creating graphics (wallpapers, layouts, etc) that feature the "idol", writing fanfics and making fanart. Some also make plushies or collect posters and other merchandise of their beloved idol' 
 This may make me sound very obsessive but I promise I'm not, its dedication. I don't do anything strange like shrines or anything, just have posters, stay up all night watching videos, scream and cry when I see them - whether this is on TV or not. Okay I might leave this subject as I am digging myself a very big hole here, lets just leave it at I'm not insane.

OK back to the serious stuff, well as serious as I can get, when I'm older I would love to go into the fashion industry whether this is through modelling (which I have a huge passion for also- I will talk about that another time), fashion design, or fashion writing (like magazines, blogs, stuff like that).

As you can probably already tell, I do ramble on quite a bit, and don't always make the best sense, and dig myself very big holes (not literally, that's weird) but in some ways I'm just a normal teenager. I hope this blog does set off and I will try my best to post loads of stuff, but for now, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.