Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hey : )


At the moment I'm probably just talking to myself, hopefully that will change soon!

Well basically, My name is Becca, I'm 13 and from the UK. I have always loved reading blogs and have wanted to start my own for ages, but I've only just come around to doing it. Most blogs are by Mums so I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog written by a teen and aimed at teens.

I love fashion and beauty, from clothes to shoes, lip gloss to nail polish. I love it all! I have always had an interest in hair and nails, with crazy and creative styles I love to do on myself, friends and family.

I also love music especially One Direction and Selena Gomez, and I must admit I am a fangirl, for those of you who are not aware of this term Urban Dictionary define it as, and I quote:
 'A fangirl is a (female) fan of a singer. Usually they have an obsession with their "idol" and do various activities to show their love for the said idol. Such activities include ranting about them, making shrines or fanlistings, creating graphics (wallpapers, layouts, etc) that feature the "idol", writing fanfics and making fanart. Some also make plushies or collect posters and other merchandise of their beloved idol' 
 This may make me sound very obsessive but I promise I'm not, its dedication. I don't do anything strange like shrines or anything, just have posters, stay up all night watching videos, scream and cry when I see them - whether this is on TV or not. Okay I might leave this subject as I am digging myself a very big hole here, lets just leave it at I'm not insane.

OK back to the serious stuff, well as serious as I can get, when I'm older I would love to go into the fashion industry whether this is through modelling (which I have a huge passion for also- I will talk about that another time), fashion design, or fashion writing (like magazines, blogs, stuff like that).

As you can probably already tell, I do ramble on quite a bit, and don't always make the best sense, and dig myself very big holes (not literally, that's weird) but in some ways I'm just a normal teenager. I hope this blog does set off and I will try my best to post loads of stuff, but for now, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.


  1. hey Becca!! you're not talking alone anymore!!! Thank you for following my blog (A little bit of this, a little bit of that). I started in February so I am still pretty new at this too. I hope that soon you'll find some new friends that inspires you to keep on track!! I hope that you like my blog. You are a gorgeous girl!!
    PS: I am 21 years old and I LOVE iCarly hahaha!

    Take care

    1. Hey, Thankyou very much, I think your blog is fab and its great that Im not speaking to myself. If its not to much to ask would you mind following me.


    2. of course not! I would love too, but I can't find the Google Friend Connector :( It's not the first time this happens to me, but don't worry because if you still following me you can contact me every time you want me to see one of your posts or leave you a comment. Anyways I'll be checking you out :) XO's