Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Memo Board

This was supposed to be a short post, yeah I ramble on, so it is now a post that is short for me.

I have recently been re-decorating my bedroom, when its finished it should hopefully look amazing. My plan is to have a New York theme, all hot pink, black and white. I already have two opposite walls hot pink and the other two white, so I worked around that. My back wall, which is the largest and hot pink is going to have a small wall mural of a New York skyline and I may paint a few lyrics from Empire State of Mind around it. On the opposite pink wall I am going to have loads of quotes from Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Marilyn Monroe and some other random people. I also decided to jazz up my old memo board which was originally brown and boring, used to pin up school notices -urghh!

Sorry I don't have any step by step pictures, but I didn't know I was going to start a blog at the time I did this.

First I put masking tape on the cork to protect it as I painted the frame 2 coats of Hot Pink (because this is going on the white wall). Then remove the tape. Also be careful when painting because I managed to get a huge splinter in my finger.

Next I decided to glue down some coloured tissue paper, so I had a nice background. I used PVA glue and it worked a treat.

Finally I gathered up a load of magazines and cut out pictures of my favourite celebs, clothes, words, whatever you want really. I also got some clothing tags- with the brand name, photos, tickets from shows, travel tickets and the paper you get from perfume samples- again with the brand name. I set it all out on the board biggest pictures first and worked round them with the smaller ones. Don't glue down until you know where you want everything to go.

When you think you have it, glue down, and overlap pictures to get a full effect. And this is what mine turned out like:

I blurred out the faces of my friends, because none of them know about this blog and I don't want to put their faces on the Internet without permission. At first the pictures may look wet and almost see through from the glue but leave it to dry and it will be fine.

My mood board features Selena Gomez, One Direction, Parade, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale, Little Mix, Jessie J, and Elle McPherson. As well as clothing tags and perfume samples from Lipsy, New Look, Justin Bieber, DKNY, Jimmy Choo, Vivienne Westwood, Barry M and Estee Lauder. I also have tickets from my favourite memories like my One Direction ticket, London tube ticket from my first photo shoot, entry ticket to Disney Land and leaflets from Clothes Show Live

I am really happy with this and it really shows of my personality. Hope you like it.


  1. I love these! I've been cutting stuff out of magazines for several years, but I keep them in a folder to later glue them into an inspiration book.

    1. Wow, that is such a great idea, I had a load of magazines which I didn't want to chuck because of the pictures and the idea just came to me, I think that is a wonderful idea <3

  2. lovely! very nice board. I used to do them in my teenage but then stopped I actually dunno why

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