Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Styling; Stars and Stripes

Hey guys, first of all I need to apologise that I haven't posted for a while but I have had a crazy week. Well first of I went back to school on Tuesday and then that leads to endless piles of homework and GCSE preparation. Then whilst halfway through creating a post the Accessorize website went down, and then my whole internet went down for a day, yet again more homework and my first babysitting job! H-E-C-T-I-C!

Anyway I'm back and I want to share my love for the latest trend, Stars and Stripes. One of my Best Friends sort of introduced me to this trend and I love it. I love America with a passion and I know that the majority of my readers are American, (I love you Guys) I have always had a huge passion for America and their celebs, fashion, music everything. actually my room is themed around New York and it is my dream to visit both New York City and the rest of America. This trend has become a huge thing in England and It's great, you can probably find the patriotic Stars and Stripes on anything, here's a few of my favs':


I love shorts, full stop. But when you mix shorts with the USA flag, you have pure genius. Loads of shops have them for a reasonable price, my favourites are from Missguided (#1) (My friend has these and they are gorgeous) Boohoo (#2) and Topshop (#3).


I adore shoes, but what girl doesn't, I found some uber cute Stars and Stripes shoes perfect for every occasion. The heels are from Missguided and although I would never in a month of Sundays be able to walk in them they are totes to die for. The converse are from Office me and my friends chipped in to by these for my other friend (who I was talking about earlier) and she doesn't step out of the house without them on.


One of my few talents is nail art, Its a great time passer and they look gorge, It was my other friend's birthday on Saturday and I was wearing my American top and red jeans so I had to have the nails to match, what do you think, I got so many comments on them and loads of request for me to each people how to do them I can always post a tutorial if you want, comment below if you do, or contact me via Facebook or Twitter.

Well I'm gonna go bed now because I have school tomorrow and yet more GCSE prep, woo!

See Ya!

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