Monday, 25 June 2012

Music Monday; No.1s part 1


I can't believe how long it has been since I last did a music Monday, I've been super busy. And I won't be able to do one next week either because I'm going on a residential with school, were not allowed to take any technology, which means no music for a WHOLE week, I think I might die! Because of this I thought i would do a super-duper-amazing music post with the number 1's from 3 of the biggest music charts this week. I'm gonna try to do this over 3 days (it may be 4) with a different chart each day.

BBC Radio 1

Okay first up is from BBC Radio 1, this is the chart show I like to listen to, I don't really know why but it might have something to do with the fact I've listened to it since like forever.

Anyway this week they crowned Maroon 5 feat Wiz Khalifa number 1 with Payphone. I loved their huge hit feat. Christina Aguilera, Moves like Jagger, but Payphone is defiantly my favourite, I hate rapping and I'm not that keen on Wiz Khalifa but for some reason I'm not actually bothered about it and actually find myself rapping along. Here's the official lyric video, if you haven't heard it already I'm sure you will be dancing along within the first few seconds:


There has also been so many amazing covers on YouTube so here's some of my favourites

1. First up Cimorelli, I love these girls and this cover and also there is some very factual information about the girls and some crazy bloopers at the end so make sure you watch it 'til the end. You should also vote for them at the Teen Choice Awards!

2. Next is GMD3, their cover is just as amazing and I also love these boys (now you get the fangirl bit), I was even lucky enough to meet them at Soccer Six last month which was well one of the best days of my life, anyway heres their cover.

3. Meg and Liz, these girls have been growing on me recently ever since I heard their cover actually so yeah have a little looksie (or a big one if your awkward like that)

4. And finally this one is for Ellie, who I do the vlog with. She loves Luminites and I must say their cover is pretty good, well actually very good, here you go:

So that about sums it up, hopefully I will post my next installment as such tomorrow


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