Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Blog refurb

As you can tell my blog is looking very messy at the moment but there's a good explanation, honest. I'm trying to clean it up and make it look a bit more professional than it does at the moment. However this takes a lot of work so it will take me more that a day to sort it out, because of this my blog is going to be looking a bit messy for a few days, but I promise it will be worth it.

Fun Bobby Pin Holder

Bobby pins are like gold dust to me. My hair is so wild I use so many for a simple ponytail, and then I end up taking them out at random places, so at no surprise you an find them all over my house. But then when I actually need one I can't find them. I swear something just east them up. Anyway I've been thinking of how to keep my booby pins safe and when I was on pinterest I saw a really cute idea, where someone used an old mint container to store them. I thought it was really smart but a bit to boring looking for my liking, so here's what I did. 

It's super easy.

All you need is a Tic-Tac box, or any other box with a flip up lid, a nail polish; it would be best to use one you don't really like, I used a cheaper brand but still in my favourite colour, pink, this is because you will need to use quite a lot of paint, and bobby pins.

Take off the white lid/cap thing and paint the base of it, try not to paint the top, but if you do accidentally you can just use some nail polish remover. 

Quickly put the lid back on the box and leave the paint to dry, this will act like a glue to stop the lid coming off when you get out your bobby pins.

Now paint the rest of your box however you want, you can do a creative design or a simple colour like I did. Again try not to paint the lid because it can make the whole box look messy, however you could experiment with different colours but you will need to be really precise with that.

Wait for it to dry and put your bobby pins in it. Don't over fill it because else you wont be able to get your bobby pins out again. 

Whenever you need a bobby pin just flip up the lid and tip it out. And they are the perfect size to take anywhere.

High Street Summer; Republic

I'm kind of bummed because yesterday it started raining. Its Summer, that means the sun is meant to be out. Oh wait, i forgot I lived in England, where the Sun very rarely shines and if it does it hides behind the clouds. Like that's fair. Stupid British weather. Anyway when it does shine this will be a really cute outfit, it's all from Republic, very girly and even if the clouds take over this light-weight knitted cardigan will keep you warm without ruining your summery look. Perfect.

This outfit is super cute, I think I might have to go get it because I absolutely adore it! And you've probably noticed the pink squares behind the outfit, that's because if I didn't have them there you wouldn't be able to see the cardigan. However i'm sort of liking them there, tell me what  you think?

Monday, 30 July 2012

High Street Summer; Topshop

So this is my third installment into my High Street Summer posts. I've already done New Look and John Lewis, so today I chose one of the most popular High Street Stores worldwide. Of course it's Topshop. Topshop is always in the magazines with their clothes being sported by well practically everyone in the world of fame. This made it a perfect choice to put together a beautiful summer outfit. I've combined the trend of bralets and pastels to create this super summer-y outfit. What do you think?

I had someone ask me recently where I find these fashion pictures where I actually create them on Polyvore which is a place to make fashion collages, they provide a blank canvas, which is what I use, as well as templates and many fashion items. I however find the clothes I like on a website and then import them onto Polyvore, so all outfits I post onto this blog I have put together myself. I have now started placing my website links on my images now aswell because many people do just take other peoples creations, which I don't mind as long as you credit the creator. So there's a little story for you about my outfit images, you may not have wanted to know that but tough you just read it.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

High Street Summer: John Lewis

With the Sun shining, and living in Cornwall  I've been visiting the beach a lot this past week, so I put together a super cute beach-y outfit from John Lewis and you don't have to wear it to the beach, it would be perfect for a BBQ or a trip to the local pool. And it wont break your budget either.

Your sure to look super cute wherever you wear this.

Friday, 27 July 2012

High Street Summer; New Look

The Sun's out (which is fairly rare for England), Schools Out and that means the shorts, dresses and float-y tops are out too, and there's only one explanation for it all. ITS SUMMER! Summer is a great excuse for a shopping spree, so get out of those jeans and go buy yourself some short shorts, pretty skirts and flirty dresses and show off your gorgeous bodies girlies, and get a beautiful tan whilst your at it.

The bad news is clothes these days are super expensive, especially the ones you see in magazines and on your favourite celebrities, but there is some good news. You can get gorgeous summer-y clothes at decent prices from your favourite high street stores.

My favourite high street store is New Look and I've put together a gorgeous pretty and pink outfit perfect for a trip out with girls to town, the beach or a picnic in the park. And it wont break your budget either.

A gorgeous outfit for a gorgeous summer day. Perfect.

Hope you all have a great summer

Friday, 20 July 2012


Its finally Summer! I finished school today which means it is officially summer (well in my head anyway) and that means sunshine (pfft I've seen the weather forecast for rainy England), dresses, the beach and my birthday(I'm the baby of my friends)!

It also means that the days when I have no social life (which at the moment is 42 days out of the 46) I will be bored stiff. This means that I am going to be posing a lot, from my challenges to vlog posts, outfit ideas to craft tutorials, nail designs to hair styles. This blog is going to become active!

I finished school at 1.30 today and came straight home and then was bored stiff...already. So, I decided to browse the internet. After the usual Facebook, Twitter and clothes I looked on Pinterest and saw so many beautiful craft designs which have really inspired me to be really crafty( I'm not sure if this is a real word)  this summer, so look forward to that too.Woop!

So Confessions of a Teenage Fangirl, prepare to be busy, very busy!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Top 5 challenge; Day 1


Okay day 1 of my Top 5 24 (which is really 8) day challenge (which to be honest isn't very challenging). So I'm not going to ramble on like usual and just get on with it, here gos

Top 5; TV Shows

1) Glee ( I love it!)
2) Wizards of Waverly Place  ( I have a small and not at all un-healthy girl crush on Selena Gomez)
3) Keeping up with the Kardashians ( Probably not the best thing to be on here but you need a bit of drama in life)
4) Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model ( Elle is beyond stunning)
5) The Ellen DeGeneres Show ( Its only available very rarely in the UK, but its hilarious)

Top 5: Films

1) UP ( I cry every time)
2) The Lucky One ( Have you seen Zac Efron's body!)
3) Toy Story 3 ( Again I cry everytime, it must be a Disney thing)
4) Another Cinderella Story (Again maybe to do with Selena Gomez)
5) Confessions of a Shopaholic (I love the books)

Top 5: TV Channels

1) Sky 1 ( Glee and BINTM)
2) Disney Channel ( You gotta love a bit of Disney)
3) MTV ( Best music channel)
4) 4 Music ( Kardashian's and music)
5) ITV2 (I dont have a funny or interesting thing to put here, sorry)

Yeah so thats it, until my next post bye!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

24 day challenge: Top 5


I always seem to start of my post like this (and I think it might be trying to tell me something) but my last post was supposed to be a 3 part post in one week but I got so carried away with my school residential prep and then actually going on it (BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE) that I never managed to finish it, oops sorry. and yeah I could finish it now but it was all about that week and its pretty pointless now, and to be 100% honest I cant be asked.

BUT, I have a new idea and I will try to finish this one. You have probably heard of these 30 day challenge things, they have been very popular through Facebook and Tumblr so I thought I'd give it a go. But I'm doing a 24 day challenge, why 24, because when I was looking at the categories I didn't like 6 of them so I did 24 instead. Anyway its very self explanatory, you choose a challenge and then answer the question each day, simples.

I have chosen to do the Top 5 challenge but instead of doing it over 24 days I'm going to do it over 8 days, which means 3 of my Top 5's per post (Yes I can do maths). The Top 5 challenge is also pretty self explanatory I will post my Top 5 from each category, and it will also give you more of an insight into me, yeah that's about it.

So the category thingy-ma-bobs are (this is where you stamp your feet on the ground making a drum roll):

1. TV Show
2. Film
3. TV channel
4. Food
5. Drink
6. Restaurant
7. Make Up Brand
8. Fashion designer
9. Clothes shop
10. Song
11. Solo singer
12. Group/band
13. Celebrities
14. Actor
15. Actress
16. Website
17. Youtuber
18. Magazine
19. Sports
20. Colour
21. Book Series
22. Place I've been
23. Place I want to go
24. Quote

YAY, this sounds fun! I will post these when I feel like it. If you have any ideas for other challenges or if you want to be a friendly just pop me a comment below 

See Ya!