Wednesday, 11 July 2012

24 day challenge: Top 5


I always seem to start of my post like this (and I think it might be trying to tell me something) but my last post was supposed to be a 3 part post in one week but I got so carried away with my school residential prep and then actually going on it (BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE) that I never managed to finish it, oops sorry. and yeah I could finish it now but it was all about that week and its pretty pointless now, and to be 100% honest I cant be asked.

BUT, I have a new idea and I will try to finish this one. You have probably heard of these 30 day challenge things, they have been very popular through Facebook and Tumblr so I thought I'd give it a go. But I'm doing a 24 day challenge, why 24, because when I was looking at the categories I didn't like 6 of them so I did 24 instead. Anyway its very self explanatory, you choose a challenge and then answer the question each day, simples.

I have chosen to do the Top 5 challenge but instead of doing it over 24 days I'm going to do it over 8 days, which means 3 of my Top 5's per post (Yes I can do maths). The Top 5 challenge is also pretty self explanatory I will post my Top 5 from each category, and it will also give you more of an insight into me, yeah that's about it.

So the category thingy-ma-bobs are (this is where you stamp your feet on the ground making a drum roll):

1. TV Show
2. Film
3. TV channel
4. Food
5. Drink
6. Restaurant
7. Make Up Brand
8. Fashion designer
9. Clothes shop
10. Song
11. Solo singer
12. Group/band
13. Celebrities
14. Actor
15. Actress
16. Website
17. Youtuber
18. Magazine
19. Sports
20. Colour
21. Book Series
22. Place I've been
23. Place I want to go
24. Quote

YAY, this sounds fun! I will post these when I feel like it. If you have any ideas for other challenges or if you want to be a friendly just pop me a comment below 

See Ya!

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