Tuesday, 31 July 2012

High Street Summer; Republic

I'm kind of bummed because yesterday it started raining. Its Summer, that means the sun is meant to be out. Oh wait, i forgot I lived in England, where the Sun very rarely shines and if it does it hides behind the clouds. Like that's fair. Stupid British weather. Anyway when it does shine this will be a really cute outfit, it's all from Republic, very girly and even if the clouds take over this light-weight knitted cardigan will keep you warm without ruining your summery look. Perfect.

This outfit is super cute, I think I might have to go get it because I absolutely adore it! And you've probably noticed the pink squares behind the outfit, that's because if I didn't have them there you wouldn't be able to see the cardigan. However i'm sort of liking them there, tell me what  you think?

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