Monday, 30 July 2012

High Street Summer; Topshop

So this is my third installment into my High Street Summer posts. I've already done New Look and John Lewis, so today I chose one of the most popular High Street Stores worldwide. Of course it's Topshop. Topshop is always in the magazines with their clothes being sported by well practically everyone in the world of fame. This made it a perfect choice to put together a beautiful summer outfit. I've combined the trend of bralets and pastels to create this super summer-y outfit. What do you think?

I had someone ask me recently where I find these fashion pictures where I actually create them on Polyvore which is a place to make fashion collages, they provide a blank canvas, which is what I use, as well as templates and many fashion items. I however find the clothes I like on a website and then import them onto Polyvore, so all outfits I post onto this blog I have put together myself. I have now started placing my website links on my images now aswell because many people do just take other peoples creations, which I don't mind as long as you credit the creator. So there's a little story for you about my outfit images, you may not have wanted to know that but tough you just read it.

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