Friday, 13 July 2012

Top 5 challenge; Day 1


Okay day 1 of my Top 5 24 (which is really 8) day challenge (which to be honest isn't very challenging). So I'm not going to ramble on like usual and just get on with it, here gos

Top 5; TV Shows

1) Glee ( I love it!)
2) Wizards of Waverly Place  ( I have a small and not at all un-healthy girl crush on Selena Gomez)
3) Keeping up with the Kardashians ( Probably not the best thing to be on here but you need a bit of drama in life)
4) Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model ( Elle is beyond stunning)
5) The Ellen DeGeneres Show ( Its only available very rarely in the UK, but its hilarious)

Top 5: Films

1) UP ( I cry every time)
2) The Lucky One ( Have you seen Zac Efron's body!)
3) Toy Story 3 ( Again I cry everytime, it must be a Disney thing)
4) Another Cinderella Story (Again maybe to do with Selena Gomez)
5) Confessions of a Shopaholic (I love the books)

Top 5: TV Channels

1) Sky 1 ( Glee and BINTM)
2) Disney Channel ( You gotta love a bit of Disney)
3) MTV ( Best music channel)
4) 4 Music ( Kardashian's and music)
5) ITV2 (I dont have a funny or interesting thing to put here, sorry)

Yeah so thats it, until my next post bye!

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