Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ombre Obsession

Ombre, or dip dying has recently become a huge craze and I have a huge new obsession along with most of the female population, from the french word meaning 'shaded' the ombre look is the subtle gradient of colours and is being used for everything from make-up to food to home decor, its huge. I cant look down  Pinterest without seeing something ombre-ish (this is officially a new word) here's  couple of my favourites.

A super cute cake, perfect for a baby shower, girls birthday or valentines day.

Keke Palmer rocks the golden ombre locks, I want to try this.

Super easy nails, I'm sporting them right now, I may even make a tutorial for you.

This would look amazing if you had a specific colour scheme throughout the hallway.

It will take a lot of practice but once you've mastered the technique it will look amazing.

Perfect for prom

love. Love. LOVE

How cute?

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