Saturday, 29 September 2012

£50 Boohoo Fashion Voucher Blogger Challenge

So, I was on one of my favourite websites, Fashion Vouchers, the other day and noticed and amazing competition they had to win £50 worth of vouchers. I just had to enter.

There was only one rule, your outfit can not exceed more than £50, I had so much fun with this and came up with a super girly autumn look inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest.

My overall outfit came to just £47 which goes to show how cheap is, you should definatley check it out. And if, like most, you are looking for some great high street shopping deals you have got to go to Fashion Vouchers for some amazing discounts and sale news, oh and make sure you sign up to their newsletter to get the best of the deals each week
Boohoo challenge

And if you have a blog on blogger you still have until tomorrow to enter this competition, click here for more info.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Disney Style; The Little Mermaid

Like most, ever since I was a little girl I have loved Disney, I always dreamt of being a princess and Ariel seemed like the coolest princess ever, I mean she was a freaking mermaid, you don't get much cooler than a mermaid.

And on top of that her gorgeous red locks were to die for, and I loved the colours of her tail (is that what you call it). I put together a super cute Ariel inspired outfit, this would be so perfect for the beach or a summery event.
The Little Mermaid; Ariel

I'd love to wear this and just feel like a mermaid for the day- yes I am 14 and wanting to be a mermaid but they are just so damn awesome- and the Barry M shimmer eye shadow will perfect the princess-y look.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Style Steal; Demi Lovato

So the MTV Video Music Awards were last Thursday and as always there was some amazing performances and some equally amazing outfits (not to mention some rather crazy ones too). But by far my favourite outfit was worn by the Video with a Message winner, Miss Demi Lovato.

She smashed the rebellious rock star look on stage where she was warming up fans, before the main awards show, performing her single 'Give Your Heart a Break'
Get the Look: Demi Lovato VMA

I love her glitzy black dress, an exact match from Topshop, which she wore below a studded leather biker jacket paired with some super edgy boots. She perfected the look with a bright red lippie, cute black bangles, sparkly earrings and to top it all of an MTV VMA!

Congrats Demi

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back To School Essentials

So after a great six week holiday I'm finally going back to school on Tuesday. I'm a bit nervous to be going back into year 10 (9th grade) which means I am going to be starting my GCSEs properly this year. Ahhh! But I'm also excited to see my friends who I have't been able to catch-up with during the summer.

One of my favourite parts of going back to school is buying all new stationary and accessories, like hair bands, bags, shoes and pencil cases, and my favourite shop to get all of this is Accessorize. They always have super cute stuff which I love.

These are my back to school essentials which I made on Polyvore, and whilst your looking hit that follow button. Please.

Back To School Essentials