Saturday, 10 November 2012

November Photo A Day: Week 1

I'm sorry I haven't posted all week I got back from Blackpool on Monday night and I've been crazy busy with school all week but I'm here now and I have a great post.

I was on Pinterest (again) the other when I came across this wonderful pin from

Since I had just got my new phone (HTC One X which I love- Thank you mum) and decided this would be a really fun thing to do and I would get to test out (and show off) my phone. I wanted to post this after exactly a week but like a said have been crazy busy so here is my first week and a bit:

Day 1. Something Beginning with 'C' - curls, my crazy all natural curls after coming out of the shower.

 Day 2. Colour- a part of the Blackpool Illuminations ( my dad has the best pictures n his camera but I don't have that with me so I will have to do a blog post on Blackpool soon)

Day 3. Breakfast- The hotel had a continental breakfast. Yum.

Day 4. TV- I stayed over with my uncle so this is the TV that was in my room, and yes that's my head.

Day 5. 5 O'Clock- I was 10 minutes away from home and was on the ferry ( yes I get a ferry everyday because I live right next to a big river).

Day 6. A Favourite Thing- my teddy bear that I have had like forever.

Day 7. Reflection- Very inventive, yep that's my reflection in a mirror looking very odd.

Day 8. Something you do everyday- I can't go to bed without a cup of tea ( cue singing of 'Little Things' by One Direction).Typical British person.

Day 9. Small- My Christening bracelet from when I was one, it still fits.

Day 10. Something you can't {won't} live without- CHOCOLATE!

If you're not doing this already you must it is so fun, visit Chantelle from to find out more.

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