Saturday, 17 November 2012

November Photo A Day; Week 2

I'm now onto the second week of the November Photo A Day challenge and I have got to admit this week I was so forgetful about taking pictures, only remembering about them at the most inconvenient times. If you have read this far and have no idea what on earth i am talking about check out my blog post from last week November Photo A Day; Week 1 and here is my pictures from this week.

Day 11. Night- This is my bedside table, at night, real exciting...

Day 12. Drink- Blackcurrant squash in a Coca Cola glass just to confuse everybody

Day 13. Where you slept- my cosy bed, I've had those curtains for years!

Day 14. Man Made- The beginning of my Textiles school project, its gonna be a bag!

Day 15. In your bag- Planner, GCSE Spanish Textbook and excersise book, English Book, GCSE maths textbook and excersise books,  pencil case,phone, purse, school badge, calculator, lip balm, lip gloss, inhaler, glasses, and loads of old sweet wrappers and bus tickets. Think I need a clear out.

Day 16. The view from my window- A load of houses yay!

 Day 17. The last thing you bought- omg i was chuffed to bits with this, 7 new tops from Forever 21 for just £22, they had buy one get on free on their sale, I went to heaven for a little while. I might have to do a Forever 21 Haul!

So if you still haven't started this challenge I recommend you give it a go, its so nice to take a minute of of your day to just take a picture, or in my case an hour after finding the distortion effect on my new phone's camera.

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