Sunday, 27 January 2013

35 Questions Tag

I am having a bit of bloggers block at them moment as I am planning a review of Geek Girl, so whilst I am still reading that I need to keep up with my new years resolution of posting every week, so I am reverting back to yet another questions tag post, sorry! 

1- Do you have a middle name? Yes, Jane after my lovely mum.
2-What is your favourite subject in school? Hmm, probably either Business Studies or Textiles, both of which I take for GCSE
3-What is your favourite drink? Tea, I'm addicted to tea, it's a British thing!
4-Favourite song at the moment? Umm, probably Taylor Swifts 'I Knew You Were Trouble' the acoustic version, or Selena Gomez's cover. That's amazing!
5-What would you name your children? Well that's a very long way away yet, but I have always liked Ava and Sophia, I think I like Sophia because that was what I was going to be called until last minute.
6-Do you participate in any sport? I'm going to sound so lazy saying this, but except for my PE lessons at school, no. I used to do Ice Skating but I fractured my elbow and stopped lessons.
7-Favourite book? This is easy, The Hunger Games trilogy, but I really like Geek Girl but haven't finished it yet and also all the Nicholas Sparks books
8- Favourite Colour? - Pink and Tiffany Blue
9-Favourite animal? oh I don't know, umm elephants?
10-Favourite perfume?- Taylor Swift Wonderstruck- It is so sweet and versatile
11-Favourite holiday?- probably Disneyland Paris 2010, that was so good! ( I was 12 in this picture)

12-  Have you graduated high school yet? Nope, I am in Year 10 and have to go through to Sixth Form
13- Have you been out of the country? Yes, I have been to Spain, Germany, France and Canary Islands 
14- Do you speak any other languages? I can speak Spanish, not fluently, but I have to take it for GCSE because I go to a language school, and I also took German for a year and know the odd bit of French.
15- Do you have any siblings? I have 3 half sisters and 2 half brothers-in-law. Confusing right.
16- Favourite Shop? New Look, H&M, Primark and Accessorize.
17- Favourite Restaurant? NANDOS!
18-Do you like school? Yes, No, I guess. I go to an all girls school so it can get quite bitchy but I also love being surrounded by my friends, and I don't mind most lessons. When I leave I will definitely miss it.
19- Favourite YouTubers? Zoe(Zoella280390), Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter) and Fleur(FleurDeForce)
20-Favourite Film? Oooh tough one, either Another Cinderella Story, Up, Tangled, The Notebook, Katy Perry: Part of me or The Lucky One
21-Favourite TV Show? Okay, Glee, Friends, WOWP, Modern Family or The Big Bang Theory.
22- PC or Mac? I don't have a Mac so PC
23- What phone do you have?- HTC One X, I love it!
24- How tall are you? I haven't measured myself for a while but about 5'4 ish
25- What do you order at Starbucks? I'm more of a Costa girl but when I do go, Hot Chocolate but I want to try the Berry Hibiscus Refresha
26- One Thing in your closet you can not live without? My black vest top, I seem to wear it with everything
27-One thing most people don't know about you? I was going to be an extra in Disney's Alice In Wonderland because it was filmed just down the road from me and my mum was picked to be an extra and I was going to be one too but we were on holiday during the wardrobe fittings : (
28- One Thing you want to do before you die? Everything on my bucket list, but mainly Go to New York, or get the job of my dreams
29-What food can't you live without? Chocolate, I would die without it!
30- What phrase/ phrases do you live by? *Goes to Pinterest Words to live by board*  Just Keep Swimming, Don't let your dreams just be dreams, Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain. I have so many jeez!

31- What is your most listened to song on iTunes? Umm, Live Like There's No Tomorrow and We Own The Night by Selena
32-What kind of style would you describe yourself as having? Girly and pretty but casual and comfy.
33- favourite Number? 98 haha, its such a weird number but it is my birth year and birth date because I was born on 9/8/98, and if you add my house numbers it makes 98 creepy!
34- Two Hobbies? Blogging and shopping
35- Two Pet peeves? Slow walkers in town and when things aren't even or are wonky, yes okay I am a little OCD!

Again I'm sorry for doing another questions tag but I literally couldn't think of anything to post and my blog book is at my mums with all my post ideas and stuff but my last question tag post has been my second most popular post so it's always good for boosting the views.


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