Saturday, 12 January 2013

Bucket List

If you saw my post least week about my New Years Resolutions then you will know that my first resolution was to post at least every week. And so far I am sticking to that, which believe me even if it is only the second week of the year, I think I'm doing pretty good.

When I was talking with my friends and family I realised that I had forgotten to post about one of my biggest resolutions, so I decided that I will pretend it's so big it deserves a post of its own.

So, my New Years Resolution is to accomplish a few things of my Bucket List. When I created my Pinterest Account one of the first boards I created was my Bucket List board and a few pins later I already had 101 things on my list. This year I want to accomplish at least 10! I have stupid little things like 'finish a chapstick' aswell as bigger things which I won't be able to do for a while such as ' pass my drivers test' and 'be married for 50 years'

And every time I do I will post about it on here, feel free to have a look at my bucket list by clicking HERE! and of course repin anything you want. Here's some of my favourites!

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