Sunday, 3 February 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

I have yet another tag for you today, its the 50 random facts about me tag, which to be honest at the moment I'm struggling to think of 10. Over the past few weeks I have seen this one get increasingly popular and decided to give it a shot myself. And also I was planning on doing a valentines day nail tutorial but all my polishes are at my mums house and at short notice I am now staying with my dad for the weekend so I will have to do that one another time. Anyway, here goes.

1- I am 14 and live in England

2- I got to an all girls grammar school after passing the 11+

3- My birthday was the amazing date of the year, you know when the numbers are the same or something like that- 9/8/98

4- I have lived in 10 houses since I was born

5- I am an aunt to 6 - 4 nephews, 2 nieces

6- If you have the same surname as me we are related as their is only one family in the whole world

7- I love tea and on average drink about 3-4 cups per day, whether its normal, earl gray, redbush, green or herbal I will drink it.

8- I am an august baby which can be a bad thing when my friends can do something that I can't especially now as they are all 15 and I am still 8 months away.

9- I hate baths because I can't breathe in them, and you're bathing in your own dirt ew.

10- I have the biggest girl crush on Selena Gomez, I love her so much.

11- I dream of New York

12- I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S

13- I talk in my sleep and occasionally sing songs about different coloured shoes

14- I make wishes on everything, candles, stars, 11:11, dandelions, eyelashes.

15- I am always confused.

16-  I went swimming with dolphins in Tenerife for my 10th birthday and was part of the show when the dolphins pulled me around on a body board, my mum was crying.

17- I am slightly OCD

18- I am very sarcastic, which to my mum comes across as cheeky oops.

19- I want to make a name for myself

20- If it's pink or glittery I either own it, want it or waiting for it to arrive in the post.

21- I'm super clumsy

22- I can't control my laughter, I laugh at everything and nothing, everyday I bust into laughter and my friends just look at me weirdly

23- My friends are like my sisters and I would be lost without them

24- I'm quite optimistic, I tend to see the good side of things, well most of the time

25- I'm halfway through this and can't think of anything else to put

26- I tend to waffle on, once I've started talking I can't stop

27- I am very much a goody-goody, I hate getting into trouble

28- I am very girly but I don't wear skirts often (except my school uniform, but I wear tights) because I have keartosis pilaris on my legs and I am really self conscious over it.

29- I am very random and can jump from one topic to another in a second, confusing many people

30- Since I was about 9 I have wanted to go into fashion journalism, tv presenting or radio presenting.

31- One of my best friends, Ellie, who I have talked about before, also has a fashion blog and when she can drive (because she will pass before I even turn 17)  we are going to blogger events together. You can check it out here!

32- I am very shy until you get to know me and then I am very weird.

33- I have been on a few photo shoots with modelling agencies to boost my confidence, but now I think people think it's because I think I could be a model or something which believe me I don't.

34- I have a Pinterest addiction so you should follow me by clicking  here

35- I will never give up on my dreams

36-  I am 1/4 Indian and 3/4 British

37- When I eat M&M's I eat them in colour order, brown- red- orange- yellow- green- blue.

38- I love to make lists.

39- I used to live in a B&B which we owned

40- I used to have two dogs and I went into school to ask my friends what to call them, in the end we chose tig and tag

41- When I was a baby my parents had to rush me to hospital because they though I was having fits, but I was teething and everytime I bit down on my tooth I would have weird body seizure thing.

42- I am socially awkward

43- I knocked out one of my mums tooth with a rattle when I was a baby

44- I have loads of makeup but only wear it on weekends and half terms when I'm with my mum and only a very tiny bit

45- I have only ever been to two concerts, The Saturdays and One Direction but I am going to see Little Mix on the 11th Feb and One Direction again on 2nd March

46- I hate being called Becky but love being call me Becca or Becs (not Bex)

47- If I could meet anyone it would be Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato

48- I hate fish

49- I have over 100 bottles of nail polish

50- I want to live in America but I am a proud Brit

Okay I have no idea how I managed to finish that, if you do this tag please leave a comment below I would love to read it!

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