Sunday, 17 February 2013

Little Mix Tour!

I'm finally on half term and I really feel like I need it, I have been ill for the past week with a cold, actually ever since I went to see Little Mix on Monday, whether being ill was anything to do with the fact I was sat outside the stage doors for about 3ish hours in my school pe kit of shorts and a top in usual British weather I don't know but it was fun.

So as you can probably guess from the title and that mini paragraph, on Monday I went to see Little Mix on their tour and it was AMAZING! I went with my friends Ellie and India. We left school and got the bus straight to the venue (right after our pe lesson, hence the pe kit) where we waited from about 4 O'Clock for the girls to come out. Unfortunately due to the cold weather, they did not come out because it could have damaged their voices but both support acts came out. Me and India got very cold and eventually got changed so I did not get a photo with the Mend but we managed to have a little chat. However when Reconnected came out I got a photo and all 3 of the boys autographs, they were so lovely! This is Ellie and I with Harry,  I look very short and my coat is being weird but I was cold.

This picture belongs to Ellie

When they went back in to prepare to go on stage we also decided to go an find our seats. I though we were going to be sat about 11 rows back in the middle and was so excited, but when we found our seats we were just 2 rows back on the side, it was so close!

 All 3 of us were getting so excited and then the support acts came on stage which only made us more excited for the girls to come on.

About 15 mins earlier than they were supposed to Little Mix appeared on stage and the whole venue was screaming, it was such a good atmosphere and to see them so close was surreal. They sang loads of their own songs as well as covers, I'm pretty sure all the girls waved at us as each time they walked towards us we were waving like crazy.

 Although it was a seated concert, pretty much everybody was standing, as well as crying and screaming. The night went by so fast and I just wish I could go back because it was so good. If I had the chance to see Little Mix again, without a doubt I would because they were even better live!

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