Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentine's Day Nails

You can't walk into a shop without being hit in the face with a huge pink teddy bear holding a soppy 'I Love You' sign which only means one thing, it's Valentines Day; well it is on Thursday. This Valentine's for the first time I'm actually going out, no need to get excited though it's with about 60 other girls for a GCSE theatre trip to see Twelfth Night. However many of you may be going out whether it's with friends, family or that special someone and you need to have beautiful nails for the occasion.

Here's the glitch. I had painted and photographed my nails and prepared to upload when my cable broke and trying to keep to my New Year's resolution of posting every week I came up with an ingenious idea. I'm going to post my favourite Valentine's nail from Pinterest, sorry not very imaginative.

I love these matte nails that look just like one of my favourite sweets Love Hearts from Polish Hoarder Disorder

These nails combine two of my favourite nail tip-idea thingymabobs, ombre and reinforcement stickers, cleverly though of by Jenna Beth.

I love how simple these nails are but they look amazing, well done to I feel polished they would look so cute if you changed the orange for pink! 

These are probably the simplest and there are so many variations, perfect nails in no time, from my favourite beauty blog, The Beauty Department.

Sorry about the glitch, but I hope you have a great Valentines Day, whether you are in the theatre with me, out with your loved one or staying at home.

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