Sunday, 17 March 2013

DIY Soft Skin Face Mask

I have found the secret to super soft skin. This is the Queen of all face masks. It only requires two basic everyday 'ingredients' AND will only take about 1 minute to make. What more could you want? 

This is so simple a one hour old baby could do it.

All you have to do is mix about 3 squeezes of baby powder (about 1tbsp) with 3-5 drops of water. Don't add to much as you can always add more later but you can't take it away!

Mix it together until you get a frothy paste about the same consistency as um pva glue just not sticky, more gooey.

Apply to your face and leave on for about 10-30 minutes, it will start to flake off as the water absorbs into your skin and you are left with a sheet of talc on your face. Wash of with water and apply moisturiser.

Finally stroke your face (in the least weird way) for the next few hours admiring how soft your skin feels.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

One Direction Take Me Home Tour

As some of you may know, I was lucky enough to get tickets to see One Direction in Cardiff yesterday as well as surprise tickets for London. It was amazing both times and I managed to lose my voice after both shows, along with lots of screaming, crying and dancing I got some amazing photos.

I was a bit excited to go in!

Hey look, it's Niall!


Oh look who it is!

Liam droppe his mic on stage for the first time ever and the boys were making fun of him aw

I can't believe how could my camera was!

They are so cute!

They flew across the crowd 

They were getting closer and closer to us!

You gotta love a bit of Niam

and some Zarry!

This boy cannot get cuter, he saw the hat in the crowd, put it on and then posed for pictures


They were answering Twitter questions and one of the girls were called Becca so they were going 'Where is Becca, Becca are you there' at this point I started crying and screaming 'I AM HERE!!' and the best part is I have it on video!

Niall played guitar!


You okay there Harry?

Liam being adorable

and Harry being a model

Another guitar

Louis looking slightly possessed

Zayn seemed to be in a world of his own the whole time!

This is such a beautiful picture

Trust Harry and Niall haha

They sang so many songs



Let's distract Harry during his WMYB solo

I am liking the dancing 

In London we went backstage and got a free 'makeover' this is after  about 10 hours of getting it done!

We were so high up in London!

I had such an amazing time and I hope so much that this won't be the last time I see the boys because every time they just get better and better and I love them more and more. I am so grateful I have been lucky enough to see them 3 times now and also kind of meet them, I have been there from the start (by which I mean from 'Torn' not WMYB) and will stay there until the end. I have made so many great friends and had so many wonderful memories because of these boys. Thankyou One Direction!