Monday, 1 April 2013

My Hair Essentials; Accessories

I have big hair. When I say big, I mean BIG, it's kind of like a triangular curly mess that is angered very easily. This means that it is very hard to tame, some days it is possible (these are my goood hair days) and other days it is far from (those are the bad hair days), to get those good day styles I need a few essential accessories, these are:

Bows and Clips- these are one of the best ways to make a slightly bad hair day turn into a good one by making even the simplest of styles into a super cute and girly do. I use the smaller ones to pin back my fringe to the side and the big ones at the top of a ponytail or a half up, half down clip. I always go for nes with alligator clips because these are the easiest.
Mint BowBlue FlowerPink Bow

Tangle Teezer- honestly this is the best hairbrush I have ever had, it gets rid of tangles so gently and makes my hair feel so soft, I love the shape of it too because it is comfortable to hold, unlike hair brushes with handles which i always end up holding on the the brush head in the end anyway.

Tangle Teezer
Hair Bands- These are just essential, I normally use the thin ones for everyday uses, the thick ones very rarely for a ponytail an the clear ones are just life savers. I use them at the end of plaits to keep a bun in place or for a loose ponytail. I always go for the non metal elastics as they are a lo better for your hair and comfier to wear
Clear EasticsThick ElasticsThin Elastics
Bobby Pins- Kirby Grips, Hair Grips, Bobby Pins or Slides whatever you call them, these are the most essential hair 'accessory' in the world. You can tell where I have been because I tend to leave a trail of bobby ins behind me and loose about 100 a day but without them my hair would be everywhere.
Bobby Pins
Spin Pins- I only bought these last week but they are amazing. With my hair being so wild, in school I need to keep it out of my face so I often wear it in a bun which tends to take 20-30 bobby pins to keep it in place and that can really hurt, I had heard how amazing these spin pis were and decided to buy some. It only takes 2 to keep a bun in place and then about 3 max. bobby pins for the little flyaways  This product is a lifesaver and I really recommend buying some.

Ribbon- I have a ribbon fetish, whenever I see a cute ribbon from either a box of chocolates or clothes I will keep it and use for my hair, I like to tie bows around ponytails and use log ribbons around my head for a head band.

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