Monday, 28 October 2013

Go On A Vacation With Friends

This past week I was lucky enough to tick another thing of my bucket list, I visited Benalmadena, Spain with my school as part of my Spanish studies. Currently in my 5th year of GCSE Spanish, our year was offered the opportunity to take part in an educational visit to help improve our Spanish skills. Although there was 3 teachers and 12 hours of Spanish classes during the week, I am so pleased to be able to tick 'go on a vacation with friends' off my bucket list.

We left at 2am on Sunday morning to catch the 6.00am flight to Malaga Airport where we then traveled about 20 minutes down to Benalmadena. Here we met up with the host families who we were going to be staying with for the week, luckily for me we stayed in pairs and I was partnered with one of my best friends, Ellie, from This made the week a lot less awkward as we put our language skills together at breakfast and dinner and were able to have a decent conversation with our lovely family.

Throughout the week we had a total of 12 hours of Spanish lessons which were split into 3 hour long sessions over 4 days. During these lessons, which were all in complete Spanish, we refreshed basic vocabulary and improved our speaking and listening skills. At the end of the week we were all presented with a diploma to award our week of hard work.

For the rest of the time we visited many places and took part in several activities. Here are just a few of the 1000 pictures I took showing just what we got up to.
We went to the beach
And had a boat trip around the marina
We took a day trip to Malaga and saw the cathedral
and also visited an old castle.
We visited a huge shopping centre
and spent another day at the beach playing beach games like volleyball
After a tiring day we were treated to a tram tour around the area. 

The final day we visited the white villages
and the beautiful Mijas

I had an amazing week and the weather was gorgeous, I really feel like I have improved my Spanish and formed closer bonds with the people in my class. It was a week I will never forget.
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Sunday, 6 October 2013

My Favourite Lip Care Products

As Summer has come to an end and Autumn has begun the weather is already getting colder one of the main problems we face during this time of year is dry, chapped lips. I am one of those girls who has a collection of lip balms, I have at least 20 pots and sticks in my draw, so I'm going to share my favourite with you today!

First off I have my basic products, these ones just taste really good but are very moisturising, and my 2 favourites did not break the bank either.

First up is Models Own bubblegum lip balm, this tastes amazing and it is super moisturisng however it was a limited edition product which I received in a goody bag at Clothes Show Live so is not available to purchase at the moment, although keep an eye out on the Models Own website and facebook page as they may release it in the near future.

The second product in the picture above is the lip lishuss cocoa lip balm, this literally is the tastiest lip balm ever, it tastes like hot chocolate and i swear i could actually eat the whole thing, what make it even better is that it was 3 for £1 at Poundland!! 

Next up is the hugely popular baby lips, these only came to the UK a couple months ago and I bought three the day they came out. I love how they add a soft tint of colour to my lips whilst moisturising them and smelling like heaven at the same time!

I know I said I bought three however I left the peach punch at my dads house, although its not pictured it is a beautiful soft peach colour and probably my favourite out of the three that i have, it also smells like yummy peaches and tastes delicious!

I  bought cherry me, which is a  deep cherry colour and funnily enough also tastes like cherry candy, when it goes on it is much softer than it looks in the tube. I also bought pink punch which is a soft hot pink colour and tastes like a sweet made up of strawberries, raspberries and fairy dust.

All Baby Lips products are £2.99 at Boots and at the moment are on 3 for 2, so grab them now whilst you can.

My final 2 products are also tinted but this time are in pot form, I prefer stick lip balms as I feel they are much easier to apply and don't make your fingers messy, however, these two products are too good to miss.

Paint the town red  is a limited edition, Selfridges exclusive by Vaseline. It is a spiced berry flavour which combined with a subtle red tint, this product is perfect for autumn/winter time. It is £3.49 and like I said is limited edition so head over to Selfridges and get it before it's too late!

My final choice is another very popular product, which is no surprise as it is gorgeous. Nivea's Raspberry Rosé Lip Butter is gorgeously creamy which makes it super moisturising, it also has a creamy pink colour to it and tastes exactly like raspberry yoghurt. You can get it almost anywhere, I got mine from Boots for just £2.25

I would love to add to my lip balm collection so leave a comment below or contact me using the buttons up there telling me your favourite lip care product.

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