Friday, 11 April 2014

2 Year Blogiversary

*I know it's been over a month since I last blogged (oops) but I have had a very busy few weeks. Alongside family birthdays, a family crisis and final coursework, I am also preparing for my exams which start next month, eek. But after they are over I will have 10 weeks off where I will be able completely focus my attention on my little blog. Thankyou all for staying with me*

This week I am celebrating my 2 year blogiversary! I can't quite believe it was two years ago I finally decided to start my own blog. These past two years have been so great, I have had a ton of amazing opportunities working with different companies and meeting lots of new people amongst the blogosphere.

Everything I have done with this blog is thanks to the amazing support I get from my followers and readers. I have loved talking with my readers and getting new ideas from you guys, your support means the world to me and without you guys I wouldn't be typing this now. So as a huge thankyou I am planning a giveaway. I will release all the details in the next few days so make sure you are following my blog, Pinterest and bloglovin so you don't miss it (all the links are to the right).

If you have any ideas on what could be included in this giveaway leave a comment below or contact me using any of the buttons to the right!

I love you lots like jelly tots


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