Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Graze; Claim Your Free Box!

Free Graze Box 

 I was so excited when I came downstairs this morning to find that my graze boxes had arrived, I remember my mum had tried one a few years ago and decided that I would try two for myself. If you haven't heard of Graze, they are a company who send various boxes of delicious snacks straight to your door (or office if you prefer!) and they are offering a free box (worth £3.99) to new customers, if you want to take up this offer just click right here or on the banner above!

Graze offer many different types of box including a 'GoodyBox' specially for kids and an 'EatwellBox' full of their healthiest treats. I decided to go for the 'ChocolateBox' which is full of chocolatey treats and the 'BreakfastBox'.
I really love the breakfast box as it contains 4 different flavours of granola, in mine I received the Strawberries & Cream, Scandinavian Forest Fruits, The Peaches Provençal and Pomegrante & Blackcurrant flavours.
I also really love the chocolate box, in particular the honeycomb flapjack, which I'm actually eating right now! Graze offers many different kinds of snacks from popping corn to chai latte or spicy corn taco mixes, to view the full range you can check out their website here.
Graze is definitely my favourite snacking option as instead of reaching straight for the unhealthy chocolate bars when I am craving something sweet, I can have a delicious honeycomb flapjack and feel much better about what I am eating.
I highly recommend you take up this amazing offer and try a free box today. You will need to give your card details however you can cancel your subscription as soon as you receive your free box and you will not be charge a penny. To claim your free box (you can choose any box!) just click here or on the banner at the top or to the right of this post!

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