Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lush Plymouth Blogger Event

As a huge Lush fan, I was so excited to receive an invitation to Lush Plymouth's first ever blogger event. The aim of the night was to educate us on the brand and some of their best selling products as well as introduce us to their new sun care range.We were welcomed by the lovely Lush team and offered the most amazing Elderflower drinks and tasty nibbles, complete with delicious chocolates courtesy of Hotel Chocolat.
After getting to know more about the other bloggers and the team of Lushies, Adam, the Plymouth manager, gave us a run down of the night which was to include a tour of the store, product demonstrations and a chance to make our own bath ballistic (I was definitley most excited about that).
Adam then introduced us to the brand and their beliefs. Lush was founded in 1995 with the first store opening in Poole, England, it now has over 800 stores in 51 countries around the world. The brand is famous for its wide range of handmade products that are all 100% vegetarian. My favourite thing about Lush is that they are completely against animal testing and campaign for animal rights. Their signature product is the bath ballistic bath bomb however they sell everything from shampoo to toothy tabs to eyeliner.
The first product we were introduced to was 'Buffy' an in shower scrub-in-a-bar which will leave your skin feeling and smelling amazing! The ground rice, almonds and aduki beans exfoliate whilst Cocoa and Shea butter moisturise, and the blend of essential oils including lavender and lemon help to calm and refresh whilst providing an amazing scent. Buffy is a must for anybody with dry skin, it so easy to use, just rub the bar on wet skin and you will feel the difference immediately.
Next up was the part we had all been waiting for, we had the opportunity to make our own bath ballistic! As we got to take this one home, I won't write too much about it here but instead will dedicate a seperate post to this product along with a review.
We then went on to look at a new product, the African Paradise Body Conditioner, inspired by the ingredients and scents of Africa this body conditioner is packed full of nourishing ingredients including soothing aloe vera, softening shea butter and skin brightening mango juice. Again, this conditioner also contains many essential oils which we got to try out, my favourite was the geranium oil which smelt amazing. This body conditioner is designed to be applied in the shower and then rinsed off leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated.
The next part of our tour was probably Adams favourite, as we looked at the Stepping Stone foot scrub, he was the kind volunteer to be demonstrated on. We were also kindly given our own stepping stone foot scrub so there will be a post up about that too!
Finally, we were introduced to the new sun care range. First up was 'The Sunblock' this innovative product serves as a solid in-shower sun protection, you simply run the bar over damp skin, rinse off and pat dry leaving your whole body with 30 SPF protection. Each bar is enough for 3 full body uses and is made with ingredients such as cocoa butter, sesame oil and calamine powder.
Didn't realise how blurry this one was oops!
If you are after a lighter product with slightly lower protection, 'Sesame Suntan Lotion' is the one for you, this SPF 10 lotion is made with sesame oil and walnut leaf extract which helps you to tan by increasing the skins melanin production.
And last but not least, my favourite product 'Million Dollar Moisturiser' which combines 30 SPF protection with shea butter, honey and lavender oil to create a gorgeous healthy glow to the skin.
I want to thank the lovely Lushies from the Plymouth store for creating and running this event, it was such a wonderful night and it was great to create a Community of local bloggers. I was so lucky to be given my handmade Bath Ballistic, a Stepping Stone and a pot of Million Dollar Moisturiser which I cannot wait to use and will be reviewing all three products very soon. You can see more pictures from the night and find all the other lovely bloggers over at Lush Plymouth's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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  1. I'm absolutely devastated I missed this after I was invited!
    It looks like so much fun!
    Are you based in Plymouth? There aren't many Plymouth bloggers!

    Kelly from | DayDreams & DaisyChains