Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tuesday Top 10; Summer Reading List

One of my favourite parts about summer is having a load of free time to just sit back and read a really good book. During the school year I am so busy with school work that I will end up starting loads of books but never manage to finish any of them, so my aim for this summer was to start on my reading list (I don't know about you, but whenever I finish one book on my list I add another 3 and so my 'to read' pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger). So far I have managed to read 6 books in my 4 weeks of summer and I hope to read a ton more before school starts again in September.
First up are 5 books that I have already read:
1) The Fault in Our Stars // John Green - the film adaptation has been recently topping the box office charts around the world so you have probably heard of this book - and if not, where have you been? Following the heartwarming love story of two cancer patients, TFIOS is possibly my favourite book, written by the hilarious John Green, this New York Times Best Seller is guaranteed to have you in tears both from laughter and sorrow.
2) Divergent // Veronica Roth - I first heard about this series from my friend Helen who read the books a while back, I really wanted to read the books before the film came out but unfortunatley I ran out of time. I saw the film at the cinema a few months ago and when I got home I headed straight to Amazon to order the books. Whilst I was on holiday I finally managed to read the first and second book and I have just started the third. The dystopian series is set in Chicago in a society divided by 5 virtue-based factions, this trilogy is jam packed with action and once I started reading I could not put it down.
3) Pretty Little Liars // Sara Shepard - If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know I kind of have a PLL obsession so this summer I finally decided to start reading the books. Helen, got me the first book for Christmas so I took that on holiday with me and I really enjoyed it. The books and the TV series follow the same basic story line however many things have been changed for the show and so it is exciting reading the book and getting a different take on the story. I have only read the first two books of the recently confirmed 16 in the series and I hope to get through a few more before the Summer ends.
4) The Perks of Being a Wallflower // Stephen Chbosky - This coming of age book turned film is a must read. At first glance it appears to be another high school outsider turn popular guy story however this novel is so much more. Written in a series of letters from the perspective of high schooler Charlie, this is one of the most beautiful books I have read and the rare epistolary form of the novel makes it so much more relatable and personal as you feel Charlie is talking directly to you, it is a book that every teenager should read.
5) 13 Reasons Why // Jay Asher - You will definitley want to read this book before it is set to be turned into a film very soon. The story is told through a set of cassettes found on his doorstep by Clay Jensen. The cassettes belong to Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide 2 weeks before, and is sent around to everyone who played a part in her wanting to end her own life. To find out how he fits into the puzzle, Clay must listen to the tapes. I really love how this book is layed out and the story that is told is heart-wrenchingly beautiful.
These next 5 books I want to read before I go back to school:
6) The Carrie Diaries // Candace Bushnell - After watching (and loving) the TV series I really want to read the book series it is based on. This coming of age story serves as the prequel to the popular Sex and the City series following a young Carrie Bradshaw and friends through High School.
7) The Spectacular Now // Tim Tharp - I really loved the movie adaptation of The Spectacular Now and so hopefully I will equally enjoy the book, however, after reading some reviews the book may not live up to my expectations, the only way I will find out is by reading it so I am definitley going to give it a try this summer.
8) Paper Towns // John Green - I have heard so much about this book and after the recent confirmation of a movie I definitley want to read it sooner rather than later. Written by John Green, author of TFIOS, I have high expectations for this film and cannot wait to read it.
9) Eleanor & Park // Rainbow Rowell - I have seen this book on Pinterest a lot and it appears to be quite popular with the American audience as I haven't seen it in England yet, but I am definitley going to give it a shot. The rights have also recently been picked up DreamWorks Studios and a film is in the making so I am sure we will be hearing big things from this book very soon!
10) We Were Liars // E.Lockhart - This book is currently a New York Times Bestseller and from all the reviews I have read it is a must read. From a quick glance, it appears to be very similar to Pretty Little Liars, with the main theme revolving around secrets and lies. The thing that excites me most about this book is the ending, which many book reviews say 'if anyone asks you how it ends, just lie' this idea just makes me want to read it even more, and so I am hoping to give it a try as soon as possible.
If you are still looking for more books to read this summer, here is more of my reading list:
-Fangirl // Rainbow Rowell
-If I stay // Gayle Forman
- Anna and the French Kiss // Stephanie Perkins
-Before I Die // Jenny Downham
-The Book Thief // Markus Zusak
What is on your reading list. Leave a comment below!


  1. I seem to have the exact same taste in books as you haha! All of these I have either read or have them on my own reading list. I'm also very much in love with PLL haha, I read the first 4 books earlier this year and then stopped but I'd love to get further in the series at some point in the future, the tv series is amazing!xx


    1. Twins! Haha, I am really enjoying the PLL series but I keep getting confused between what I have read and what I have watched, definitely want to read more of the series if I get chance! xx