Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tuesday Top 10; Youtubers

Every night I head over to YouTube to catch up with the latest videos in my subscriptions box, so I decided to share with you my top 10 youtubers.

1) LittleEllieMae; this one may seem a bit bias considering she's my best friend but I genuinely love Ellie's channel, she posts everything from vlogs to beauty hauls and is currently running an amazing giveaway so you should go and subscribe to her now. And if that's not enough to convince you I have also appeared in some of her videos and we are hoping to do another collaboration soon!

2) Bethany Mota; Beth is one of the first people I subscribed to on YouTube, her videos are mainly about beauty, fashion and DIY and she also posts vlogs on her second channel. Beth is also getting more and more famous as she has now reached over 6 million subscribers and released a series of clothing collection at Aeropostale.

3) Zoe Sugg; Also know as Zoella or Zozeebo, Zoe has just reached 5 million subscribers and was the first British Youtuber I subscribed to, she posts a variety of videos but most recently I have enjoyed watching her daily vlogs over on her second channel where she documents her daily adventures including her adorable guinea pigs and recent adventures in America for VidCon.

4) Shaytards; This family has been daily vlogging for over 5 years, documenting their family lives and allowing the world to watch their 5 children to grow up. They are such a sweet and funny family and I enjoy watching their videos.

5) Cute Girls Hairstyles/ Brooklyn and Bailey; I have been watching Mindy's hair tutorials for years now and she was actually the person who helped me when I was first setting up my blog. Mindy's hairstyles are absolutley gorgeous and with the help of her tutorials are super easy to recreate. Her twin daughters have recently started their own YouTube channel aswell where they post many different videos from makeup tutorials to book reviews. Every week I look forward to their videos so you should definitley subscribe to them.

6) Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter; Louise is another British Youtuber/ Blogger who is best friends with Zoe, her main channel videos are very fashion and beauty focused along with some hilarious collaborations, she also vlogs on her second channel along with her adorable daughter Darcy. Louise is absolutley hilarious and I often find myself crying with laughter at her videos. So if you're up for a laugh you should definitley go follow her!

7) Cimorelli; These 6 sisters post videos of them covering many songs as well as their own original songs, their voices are amazing and they harmonise so well. More recently, they have been posting many different videos including outfit ideas and they are currently posting a mini series that they have created with AwesomnessTV. The girls are all so beautiful and talented and I hope one day I can see them live!

8) Meredith Foster; Mere posts lots of fashion, beauty and DIY videos, she has an amazing fashion sense and her outfit videos are always perfect, like many youtubers she also has a second channel where she vlogs every now and then. I really love Merediths channel and if you are a fan of Bethany Mota, I am sure you will love it too!

9) Jennxpenn; Jenn's videos are different to the other youtubers I have mentioned here, the majority of her videos are collaborations with other YouTubers as well as Q&A style videos, she is also really funny and so fun to watch uploading many different challenge videos such as the Shock Ball challenge!

10) Hannah Hart; I swear I have cried with laughter at every one of Hannah's videos because she is the queen on puns, her series My a Drunk Kitchen often features a special guest who along with Hannah decide to cook something whilst drunk and trying to incorporate as many puns as possible. I am also really enjoying her Tunesday series which puts a funny twist on the regular Q&A videos as all answers are sung to a random royalty free tune. You should definitley check her out!

Who's are your favourite Youtubers, leave a comment down below!



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