Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What's in my beach bag

I am currently taking a break from packing my suitcase as on Sunday I will be heading of to sunny Zante for the week to celebrate my cousins wedding. Whilst deciding what to take with me I stumbled across my beach bag and decided to share with you what I will be taking to the beach.


What's in my beach bag

I am very lucky to only live 5 minutes away from some beautiful beaches and so during the summer I like to spend my days down at the beach, whether I am down at the local beach or on foreign sands I always pack the same things in my beach bag.

First up is the beach bag, I like to take a large canvas tote with me like this one, it has strong rope handles as well as 2 internal zips for holding valuables such as your phone and purse. The whole bag is also fastened with one long zip across the top ensuring everything is kept inside.

I always take a beach towel with me to sit on and if I decide to venture into the sea it means I have something to dry myself off with. You can get beach towels in loads of different designs such as this ikat one from M&S or this gorgeous floral one from Debenhams.

Another essential is a cover up, whether it be a dress or a kaftan I like to take some form of cover up to wear over my bikini. This is especially useful if you wish to pop into a nearby shop or if you begin to get a bit chilly! This adorable boho kaftan is from toast.

You can't forget flip flops! When you have sandy feet, the last thing you want to do is put on some shoes because sand goes everywhere and will stay in your shoes for ages, flip flops are easy to slip on and off, and the best thing is they are super cheap, this cute stripe pair is just £3!

Sunglasses are a must, not only do they prevent you from squinting during your entire beach visit, they are also great for keeping your hair out of your face converting into a make-do hairband. I have really been loving my brown tortoise shell pair like these ones from New Look.

Possibly the most important thing to take down to the beach, especially when the sun is out, is sun cream. I tend to go for the Garnier Ambre Solaire factor 15/20. I find that the sun leaves my lips feeling really dry so I always bring a lip balm with me, this Baby Lips one also has SPF 20 protection!

You will need something to keep you occupied, my favourite thing to take to the beach is a book, currently I am reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, I also bring down a couple magazines, normally Seventeen magazine and Company Magazine! And, if you don't feel like reading, an iPod is always a good choice!

I have really oily skin so when it gets hot I can't go anywhere without blotting paper, I tend to use the Boots own brand oil absorbing sheets. Deodrant is also a must, I really love this dove one which smells like pomegrante and lemon.

With the combination of wind, sea and humidity my hair goes crazy. I always take my tangle teezer to the beach because not only is it small enough to fit in my bag but it is also my favourite brush, combing through wet or dry hair and getting rid of the biggest tangles without any pain. I also have to bring bobby pins everywhere with me and these elastic hair bands are great for chucking hair into a ponytail without damaging it, they are also super cute!

Finally, I like to take a big bottle of water, chewing gum and some snacks, sweets like skittles are always a winner!

What are your beach bag essentials, leave a comment below!





  1. Nice post! Whenever I go to the beach I make sure I take plenty of sunscreen, water, and then my journal.

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Stop by my blog for all of the details! :)


    1. Great choice! Thankyou for the nomination, I will have my post up soon : )

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