Friday, 29 August 2014

DIY School Stationery | BTS Series

For most of us Summer is coming to an end and back to school season is in full flow. To try and help with the chaos of getting back to school, I have started a Back to School series where I will share school hauls, outfits and tips for organisation and studying.

For the first post in my BTS Series, I am going to be showing you how I added a little personality to my basic stationery in this DIY.

First up, notebooks, it was a bit of a palava trying to purchase the right notebooks ( I will explain that in my BTS Haul) but I finally found the ones that I was looking for. I decided to get these Pukka Pad Navy A4 Jottas, they were half price at Sainsburys ( I can't remember how much, but I will put include it in the haul post). Everything about this Jotta was perfect except for the design, lots of people are going to be getting this pad and I wanted to make mine look a bit more exciting and recognisable, so I decided to release my inner Pinterest and get creative.

I found some really cute paper at Paperchase, it's not available online but they have a wide range in stores. Their paper ranges between £1.50-£3.50 for a large sheet. I simply traced around the notebook front cover leaving a 2cm border and cut it out, I then applied hot glue to the ring bound side of the cover and glued one edge of the paper down, this ensured that I got a straight line by the holes. Simply glue the rest of the paper down on the front and open the notebook up. Glue the remaining edges over the cover and into the inside of the front cover to have a clean finish. I decided I wanted to have straight lines on the front of my notebook so I could write my name, school and class just in case I lost it. To do this, I cut a rectangle out of lined paper measuring 5 lines down and 10 cm across. I then took some patterened paper in an accent colour (e.g the pink rose paper I used pink patterned paper) and traced the lined rectangle. Adding a 1cm border, I cut the rectangle out and glued the lined paper to the patterned paper. To finish the notebook, I glued the finished name plate to the front cover.

Next up is folders, I already had some really cute folders however they were the basic 2-ring binders which were not able to support the weight of my papers so I decided to go out and buy new 4-ring binders. This was definitely challenging and the only ones I found were these Staples Better Binders. They were on 3 for 2 so I got 3 but I will be going back soon to get another few. I decided to get 3 different colours, so I went for an orange, turquoise and pink.

The good thing about these folders is they have a clear pocket on the front so you can easily personalise them. I measured the pocket and cut out my different papers to the right size. Again, I matched the colour of the paper to the folder I used, for the orange folder I used the Paperchase Indian Paper, for the pink folder I used Paperchase rose paper and finally I decided to use some cute travel inspired paper that I found in the Company High Street Edit for the turquoise folder. I am still not 100% sure about which subjects I am taking this year so I haven't put anything on the folders yet, however you could repeat what I did on the notebooks or cut out individual letters to spell your subject.

All finished, that's 2 really easy ways I personalised my stationery. Comment below what else you would like to see in this Back to School series.





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  2. the files and notebook are gorgeous! i wish id seen this post before i bought my boring stationary :( great post- i love your blog! x

    1. Aw thankyou so much, I'm sure you can still decorate your new stationery!