Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Review // Ipanema Flip Flops

Ipanema Lovely II Flip Flops in Blue/Lilac // £17.00*
Ipanema Lovely II Flip Flops //
When my Ipanema flip flops* arrived last week I was so excited to blog about them, I had a plan to head down to the beach during the week and take some outfit photos, but apparently Mother Nature had a different idea as the heavens opened and it has been raining all week, typical bank holiday weather! So I have had to take some photos inside and change my plan a bit.

Ipanema is a footwear company inspired by the Brazillian culture, by combining bright, exotic colours with pretty, intricate patterns this collection is definitely one of a kind. These shoes aren't just stylish though, Ipanema products are produced with a strong environmental and ethical view, 99% of waste is recycled, all flip flops have been made from recyclable materials and they work tightly with many environmental charities and foundations.
These are the Ipanema Lovely II Flip Flop, because of the anatomical design, they are by far the comfiest flip flops I have ever worn. I rarely wear flip flops as most of the time the soles are completely flat on the footbed and are therefore really uncomfortable to wear, however these shoes have been moulded to fit the shape of the foot therefore putting less pressure on the body. One of my favourite features about the shoe is the 3D technology, the pattern has not only been printed on the sole of the shoe but also the straps meaning that even when you are waring them the gorgeous floral pattern can be seen.
I have been living in my flip flops since they arrived and I would continue to do so, but unfortunately they are against my schools dress code. One of my favourite things about flip flops is they aren't just for holidays. As I live in Cornwall, I like to go down to the beach even during autumn and though it may be a bit chilly, flip flops are still my go to. For a comfy and casual look, I pair my flip flops with some cuffed boyfriend jeans and a plain baggy t-shirt.
I also found they came in very handy when I took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday!
For many more styles, patterns and colours make sure you check out the Ipanema website!
Products marked with an asterisk (*) have been sent to me for review but all opinions are 100% honest and my own!


  1. They're darling!! :)

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