Sunday, 16 November 2014

OOTD // Cosy Sunday with Blue Vanilla

For me, Sunday is the day that I can be lazy and just relax, and as Winter begins to draw in and the days are getting colder my signature Sunday look is a cosy jumper. So, when I was sent this gorgeous sweater by the people at Blue Vanilla* I knew it would be perfect for my cosy Sunday's.

Blue Vanilla is a British fashion label providing cute and affordable clothing for women, their range includes everything from day dresses to chic knitwear so there is something for everyone. You can now find their clothing at most New Look stores or online at where they are currently offering free standard UK shipping.

This is the Gabby Long Sleeve Hounds Tooth jumper* which is available for just £25. The first time I wore this jumper I recieved so many compliments, it's so soft that everybody wanted to feel it too! The loose, slouch fit and soft, fluffy texture makes it absolutely perfect for cold Sunday's. I am obsessed with the cute houndstooth print and the the black and white colour makes it so versatile! I like to pair the jumper with some black leggings and fluffy socks for the perfect comfy look.

What do you think, is this the perfect lazy day jumper?

*This jumper was sent to me by the lovely people at Blue Vanilla, however all opinions are 100% honest and my own*





Friday, 7 November 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo // Product Spotlight

Everybody has that life saver product which they know they can always trust and will forever be buying no matter what else comes on the market, for me that product is Batiste Dry Shampoo. This is my essential hair care item and I always like to keep a few bottles in just in case. Dry shampoo is a powder often in aerosol form that once applied to the hair absorbs excess oils, helping to revitalise hair in between washes leaving it feeling soft, clean and smelling amazing. This product works in a matter of minutes, you simply spray it into the roots, massage in and give hair a quick brush through, it's also super versatile with different products assisting with volume, colour and damage.

If you head into Boots or Superdrug you will see tons of different brands of dry shampoo rainging from 95p, the cheap own brand versions which have never worked for me, to £21 for the more premium products, which I daren't try in fear of my bank account! Although I have tried and tested many different dry shampoos, including So, Superdrug and Pantene, Batiste is the best by far and starting from just £1.99 it is an absolute steal.

As I have just recently cut off 10inches of my hair (you can read about that here) I am experimenting with lots of new styles, I always add dry shampoo after applying heat to my hair to remove any stickiness caused from the products in my hair (e.g. heat protectant) it also adds a nice tousled and messy touch to curls leaving a more natural, beachy wave look.

My favourite thing about Batiste is the wide range of dry shampoos they have on offer. The 50ml bottles are perfect for popping in your bag for an on the go touch up, and I always pack one of these when I am heading on holiday. The smaller bottles come in 4 different fragrances my favourite being Cherry and are most useful if you are heading camping!

The traditional 200ml bottles come in the widest range of scents and styles. The 'revitalise it' range is the basic dry shampoo an is available in 11 different fragrances, from original and fresh to floral and oriental. The 'oomph it' range consists of the XXL volume dry shampoo and plumping powder, these are perfect if you suffer from flat hair and are looking to add a bit of volume, I always spray it onto my roots before tying my hair up into a ponytail or bun to create a softer look.

One of the biggest problems with dry shampoo, especially for us darker haired girls, is that the white powder does not always brush out, however Batiste have come up with a solution to that by releasing their 'hint of colour' range which blends into the natural hair colour, this is available in red, blonde, brunette and brown. The 'nourish it' range helps to tackle the damage caused by daily styling, with ingredients such as argan oil this product offers conditioning, strengthening and nourishing features to the regular dry shampoo. Batiste have also recently teamed up with Pixie Lott to create this beautiful new 200ml bottle which smells amazing and helps to provide a bit of volume.
Finally, if you are a dry shampoo addict like myself, this large 400ml bottle is perfect for you, this one is available in the three traditional scents, original, clean & classic and floral & flirty. I always like to keep a big bottle in the house for when I run out off the 200ml bottles, so I always have a back up!

Are you a dry shampoo addict, what's your favourite scent, leave a comment below letting me know!

*Batiste kindly sent me some of the featured products for review however all opinions are 100% honest and my own*