Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Cinderella Experience

Whilst in London last week I got the opportunity to attend Disney's Cinderella Exhibition presented by Swarovski. The exhibition which showcased props, costumes and sets from Disney's new movie Cinderella, was in Leceister Square for just 3 weeks so I couldn't turn down this once in a lifetime opportunity! I went to see the film a few weeks ago with my friends and left feeling wonderfully uplifted, it was one of those films you could watch a hundred times and still get that warm fuzzy feeling inside, even more reason for my wanting to go to the exhibition!
As soon as you step foot into the exhibition you are instantly transported into a world full of Disney Magic. Made up of 5 themed rooms, the exhibition is home to over 100 props and 30 costumes straight from the movie set, a haven for any Disney lover!
Upon entering, the tour guide immediately whisked us away to the Heritage Gallery, a room filled with Cinderella memorabilia from across the years including my personal favourite the Cinderella Viewmaster! The walls are also covered in framed illustrations of the original animated Cinderella movie straight from the Disney archives. I love this classic promotional poster from the 1950s which displays the original tag line 'A Love Story With Music', we had a lovely conversation about it with the tour guides, they were all so lovely!
This then led to Ella's house which featured the props in an exact replica of the actual set, I felt like I had stepped right into the movie! Ella's stepmother's dress was positioned at the bottom of the staircase and was by far the star if this room, the tour guides pointed out a how throughout the movie all of the Stepmother's (Cate Blanchett) costumes are predominantly green to connote her envy - something as a media student I am dissapointed I didn't notice! As we continued through the quaint study these gorgeous Downton Abbey-esque bells caught my eye and I couldn't resist a photo!

One of my favourite dresses from the movie was Ella's (Lily James) 'maid' dress that she wore throughout much of the movie whilst acting as the servant for her evil step family. I love the light, airiness of this dress and the dusty blue colour is just gorgeous. I think it's the little details, such as the flowers and pleating, that really create character in this piece and even though it may be her cleaning attire, I absolutley adore this dress.

As the story progressed we met the Beggar Woman (soon to be the Fairy Godmother) whose dress I can only describe as hideously beautiful - the creased murky brown dress again featured embroidered detailing at the bottom giving a striking snake skin effect, one of my favourite things about this exhibition was the mirrors behind all the costumes allowing a 360 degree view which showed of the costumes in all their pride and glory!

Ella's Mother's dress was also on display- this is the dress that Cinderella initially alters to wear to the ball before its given a glamorous makeover. This is another truly beautiful dress very similar to Ella's maid dress but in a dusty pink colour, the light strips of material and sweet bow are my favourite and give the dress a lovely feminine touch. Another element of the exhibition that I loved was the attention to detail with the addition of wigs and stances really bringing the characters to life.

Shoutout to this kid for photobombing
The Fairy Godmother's (Helena Bonham Carter) dress was by far the most fabulous with 4,000 LED bulbs sewn into it and thousands of Swarovski crystals, Bonham Carter described herself to be 'like a walking lamp'. I love the accents of pinks, blues, golds and purples hidden amongst the silver dress which when hit by the light from the thousands of bulbs create a beautifully magical effect.
The creators of this exhibition definitely thought everything through fantastically as you travel through the rooms you could see the story progress and the pumpkin carriage definitely proved this. You leave Ella's garden through the giant pumpkin and step out of the golden carriage on the other side, it was the little details like this which made the exhibition so much more magical and I really felt that I had stepped into the movie.
With 10,000 hand sewn sparkling Swarovski crystals, 4 miles of thread and 270 yards of fabric, Cinderella's ballgown was the star of the show. The room had been transformed into a mock up ballroom with the dress on a rotating platform (along with Prince Charming) in the centre, surrounded by the dresses of guests, the whole environment was truly magical and I stood in awe for a good 10 minutes just staring at the beautiful dress. One of the most fascinating things the tour guides told us was how the dress was created to give an illusion of the classic Cinderella waist - Lily James has a naturally thin waist but the positioning of the corset top and how the skirt hits right on the hips added to this illusion.
Of course, the glass slipper had to make an appearance and had its own designated section of the ballroom guarded by two of the palace men. Each individual shoe cost £20,000 and was made from Swarovski crystals and finished with a crystal polish which gives it the glistening colours. Inspired by a shoe from the 1890's, costume designer Sandy Powell created this gorgeous 6 inch masterpiece with a beautiful glass butterfly accent.
I was completely blown away by the whole exhibition and I am so grateful I got the opportunity to experience it before it was packed away. Although you may not be able to see the exhibition, Cinderella is still in cinemas and I would highly recommend it to everybody!
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Friday, 10 April 2015

OOTD | Spring Florals

With temperatures reaching 20 degrees it's finally beginning to feel like spring which means it's time to swap my cosy jumpers for light cardigans and dark jeans for floral skirts. Unfortunately, this weeks good weather isn't set to last forever but I've found the perfect outfit for this transitioning season mixing my autumn/winter staple Chelsea boots with light, floral patterns.
When I saw this outfit in Bershka I instantly fell in love and couldn't resist buying it. I absolutley adore this blazer and the light floral pattern is perfect for spring! I wore this outfit for a day out in London so my trusty Chelsea boots came in very handy as we clocked up 12 miles of walking around Oxford Street and Covent Gardens.

Whilst in London, my Mother and I also treated ourselves to 2 shows, Miss Saigon and The Book of Mormon, both of which I had been dying to see for a long time and luckily they both lived up to my very high expectations. We turned down the opportunity to see another show and instead opted to visit the Cinderella Exhibition in Leceister Square, this was a pop up exhibition with the costumes and props from the new Disney movie, it was such a beautiful exhibition and I took a load of pictures so I will put them into a blog post in the next week or so.
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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Celebrating Three Years

Today is my blog birthday and so I'm celebrating my time in the blogging world as Becca-Jane turns 3 years old! In true blogger fashion I'm spending this special day travelling up to London for a mid-week getaway which has allowed me plenty of time to spend reminiscing over the past few years and my accomplishments.
I know my blog isn't the biggest out there, it may not have the most followers or be perfectly written but it's still my special corner of the Internet and I'm so proud of everything to do with it. This past year has definitley been the most successful for me, not only has my following more than doubled but I've also been lucky enough to work with some great companies, attend fantastic events and meet some wonderful new people, all experiences I will treasure forever and that continue to build me as both a person and a blogger.
My biggest accomplishment this year was sharing my blog with friends, family and even complete strangers. A year ago the only people who knew about my blog was a few close friends and my mum, but in the past 6 months I opened up to the rest of my friends, my classes, my teachers and my family and I have become a proud blogger, I've even gone out in public with my 'Full Time Blogger' jumper on, something that may seem insignificant to you, but to the self conscious, anxious and easily embarrassed 15 year old I was, this is a huge milestone.
I also decided to make the most out of the blogging community and began joining in with Twitter chats, attended events and have made so many friends across the globe in the blogger community. Blogger events are one of my favourite experiences and getting the opportunity to attend these are an absolute honour, I've met so many lovely local bloggers through them who I can't wait to meet again in the next few weeks as we all sit down over tea and cakes. I hope to do the same some day with the teen blogger community who are all so lovely and supportive, I've made some great friends and I am so proud to be a part of this strong, empowering and caring community.
I started my blog out of boredom during the Easter holdiays of 2012 and if you were to ask my then 13 year old self whether I thought I would still be blogging three years on two answers would have sprung to mind. The big headed, ambitious girl would say of course, and it will be the most successful blog out there, but the realistic, timid girl would have just laughed at the preposterous thought. Looking back at it now, I know both girls may be wrong but I'm pretty sure I would be doing my 13 year old self proud either way, I may not have the 'most successful blog' but I have continued blogging, creating and sharing my memories in my online diary which has grown my more than the realistic girl could have ever imagined and I hope it will continue to do so.
I still don't know where I am heading in the blogging world but I know that I hope to still be at it in 5 years and maybe even 10 years time. For now I want to say a huge thankyou to everyone that has supported me over the past 3 years and I hope you continue to do so!