Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sebamed Clear Face - First Impressions

With exam season kicking off next week my already problematic skin is becoming even more temperamental, so when I returned home to a package from Sebamed I could hear my skin breathe a *metaphorical* sigh of relief.
Sebamed is a skincare and haircare brand which has a particular focus on creating products with a pH value of 5.5, the same as our skin, you can read more about the science and importance of using pH 5.5 products here.
The lovely people at Sebamed kindly sent me a selection of their 'Clear Face' range to try out which included the 'Cleasning Bar'*, 'Deep Cleansing Toner'* and 'Care Gel'*.
I have been using all 3 products morning and evening for just over a week and have certainly noticed some changes. During the first 5 days of use my skin completely broke out, something that is completely normal when you change skincare routine. As annoying as it may be, this is actually a good sign as it means the product is getting to work at clearing out all the dirt buried in your skin (yuck, I know!). Im now on day 9 and my skin is beginning to clear up and it has definitely reduced redness, so hopefully in a few weeks I will start seeing some major changes.
I'm going to continue with this routine for the rest of the month and will have a post up shortly after showing my final results. I will also be looking at the individual products in more depth so if there is anything you want to know leave a comment down below or contact me via my social media.
Becca x

// Items marked with an (*) have been sent to me for review however as always all opinions are 100% honest and my own //

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