Sunday, 24 May 2015

Skin Detox with SlenderShake

2 weeks ago I took part in the Blogger Hub Twitter Party and was sent a SlenderShake* 14 Day Detox plan to try out. SlendertoxTea is a company providing both tea and shake detox plans which have many health benefits including increased energy and metabolism, improve digestion and is therapeutic to the skin.

I firstly want to point out detoxing is commonly associated with weight loss and this product is designed to assist weight loss and bloating, however I intentionally did not use it for this purpose, I am perfectly happy with my weight and body and do not believe that the weight loss plan was necessary or beneficial for me. However, I have been using the SlenderShake for its skin nourishment and energy benefits and these are the areas I will be focusing on in this review.

The SlenderShake has been designed as a meal replacement so I have been drinking it every morning for breakfast, the instructions state to mix one scoop (provided in the pack) of powder with 150ml water, I tried this the first day and found the consistency to be too thin and sweet so I opted to replace the water with milk, this made for a less sickly and much thicker, traditional shake consistency. I also added fruit such as blueberries and raspberries on a few occasions which was delicious and really enhanced the flavour. Whilst on the subject of flavour, this shake is absolutely delicious, it is mainly acai berry with subtle tropical mixed berries however the only way I can describe it is like strawberry but 10x fruitier. When simply mixed with milk it forms quite an unappetising mink-y grey colour but once you get past the unsightly nature the taste definitely makes up for it!

As for the benefits, I definitely felt an improvement in my skin all over, my face cleared up however I have also been using a new skincare routine with Sebamed and Magnitone which may be the reasoning for this. Additionally, I suffer from keratosis pilaris (affectionately referred to as Chicken Skin) on my arms and legs, after a few days I noticed that my KP was beginning to clear up and my skin was feeling much softer. In terms of increased energy I decided to test this out through the most tiresome period of the year - exam season. I can't say I noticed a dramatic difference but I certainly felt more awake throughout the morning. My big downside to this product was that it did not fill me up and I was in need of a snack by 9am (I was drinking it at around 7am) which is especially disappointing for a meal replacement.

Overall, I would recommend this product however at £21.99 for a 2 week plan I don't think I would immediately jump at purchasing this at full price. The taste and skincare benefits certainly exceeded my expectations and I have heard many positive reviews in terms of weight loss, so if this is what you are looking for I'm sure it would be worth the try!

Have you ever tried a skin detox? What worked best for you?

Becca x

// Items marked with an (*) have been sent to me for review however as always all opinions are 100% honest and my own //


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  1. I tried one of their tea toxes and was pretty disappointed too :(
    Jennie Emma