Saturday, 4 July 2015

A Charity WingWalk!?

Everyone has at least one big dream that they hope to achieve in their life, that dream may be to travel the world, meet an idol or visit famous landmark, I've always found it interesting finding out what other people's dreams are and I think it really reveals a lot about a person. For as long as I can remember whenever I asked my dad what his greatest dream was he would always reply 'I want to wing-walk'.

My sisters and I have been trying for years to get our Dad a wing-walking experience, but Christmases, Birthdays and Fathers Days continued to pass with no luck. We have even tried on several occasions to achieve this dream through TV shows like 'Surprise Surprise' and 'win your dream' competitions. So when our Dad told us last week he had managed to book a charity wing- walk, we were all overcome with a wave of emotions, mainly excitement, shock and anxiety!

My Dad has always been the most inspiring, selfless and caring man in my life and supports my sisters and I through everything we do, he really is our rock and we don't tell him enough how much we love and appreciate him. This is the perfect opportunity to show him just how loved he really is, but I need your help. My Dad has chosen to support Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and is hoping to raise £500 through sponsorships, it would mean the world to my dad and our family if you were to support this crazy venture of his by sponsoring him and donating to GOSH. He will be completing his wing-walk on September 5th and my sisters and I are all planning on heading to the air park to support him from the ground.

If you wish to sponsor him and support GOSH please head over to his Just Giving page (HERE) and find out how you can help. Any donations no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated.

I really want to make the most of this opportunity and help my Dad live his dream to the fullest, so if you can help out by sponsoring him I know it will make this experience unforgettable

Becca x