Sunday, 31 January 2016

Prairie Pizzazz Winter Edition

Anyone who's read my blog or seen my social media will know I have a huge love for Prairie Charms, they are by far one of the best brands out there, not only in terms of products but their customer service is amazing. So, when they asked me to work with them and a group of bloggers on their next Prairie Pizzazz box I knew I was singing up to something special.
The winter Prairie Pizzazz box has a winter theme to it and features products designed by groups of bloggers. Prairie split us up into groups based on what our style was and encouraged us to discuss our visions for a product. I was placed in Team Feminine and after emailing back and forth we finally had a finished design. The whole team was super keen on creating a necklace so we scoured Pinterest in search for inspiration, eventually we all fell in love with the idea of a snow globe necklace, something simple with a slight Christmas theme yet suitable for the whole year. I love how the final product came out, and Prairie decided to create it in a range of colours to tailor everyone's needs - yet another example of their great customer service.
The first thing I actually noticed in the box was this beautiful headband, and the little story that came with it was so special. The gorgeous gold and red reminds me of one of my favourite movies - Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas - making this the perfect Christmas accessory, I'm certainly going to be saving it for next year!
The Snowy Moutain set is defintiley the epitome of Winter, featuring a gorgeous tartan bow and a hot chocolate set consisting of chocolate coins, mints, a cocoa filled star bauble and ski pole marshmallows. I decided to put the kit to good use last week with a Disney duvet day, something that was crucial during the horrible winter storm we are facing!
There was also a gorgeous pamper pack featuring a fluffy eye mask, velvet hair band and a Freankincense facial serum - which smells divine! Another cute addition to this box was a set of 3 wax melts, unfortunately I still haven't got my hands on a wax melter and so haven't been able to use them yet, but I'm certainly looking forward to it!
There was also some cute stationery bits and bobs, including a personalised notebook as well as Christmas cards and tags which I have put away for this year! This has definitely been my favourite pizzazz box yet, the mixture of different products and styles made this one the most interesting, and knowing that each item was designed by a group of bloggers makes it even more special!
Like what you see? Prairie Charms are offering you £5 off your first box - the next box will have a spring theme - by simply tweeting:
'@Prairie_Charms I would like to sign up for the Prairie Pizzazz via @BeccaHeppolette #pizzazzsignmeup'
Becca x


Saturday, 2 January 2016

Staying Organised in 2016

// Diary - Pen - Stickers - Tape //
Every year organisation is one of most popular New Years Resolutions, and with most resolutions being broken within the first month of being made, I've decided to share how I am planning on staying organised this year. I've been using this style of organisation since September and hope to continue it for the next few years whilst I'm at uni.

The Diary

I believe the most important part of organisation is finding a diary that works for you. For me, this Busy B Busy Life Academic Diary is perfect - this particular one is now out of stock as it's an academic diary, but the 2016-2017 edition will be available soon, alternatively there is still limited stock of the 2016 diary available here. My favourite part about these Busy Life diaries is that it is made for those of us with 2 schedules - for me that's home and school - and therefore is a week-by-week view for the same dates on both pages. I find this to be an absolute gem as I was constantly cramming all my home life schedules in my tiny school planner. Now I am able to plan my home life on the left, and my school on the right but whilst remaining with just one diary!

Additionally, this diary also includes a page for your timetables, important contacts, references and notes. Each page also features a reminders box where I like to write my weekly To-Do list. The diary is divided into 3- month sections, separated by a pocketed page to store any receipts, appointment cards etc, along with a pocket at the back. To ensure everything stays together, the diary is bound by an elastic band and features a ribbon to ensure allow for quick access to the week you are on.

The Stickers
Personally, I find the use of colours and pictures to be super valuable to my organisation and I enjoy making my diary pretty. I find stickers a really easy way to quickly record and identify key events. All of my stickers are from a lovely Etsy shop called Stickel Co, which sells stickers specifically for diaries and planners. I really love the colours of these stickers and how the same palette is used across the majority of the packs which creates a sense of continuity throughout my diary.
The biggest advantage of stickers for me is that it allows me to condense the information written in my diary as each sticker symbolises something, this also means that at a quick glance I know what events are occurring. As you can see from the photo I use them religiously and for this particular photographed week I actually used a sticker from all of my packs. The balloons are perfect for birthdays, whilst I like to use th travel mugs for days out. For this week, the tea cups were perfect as we were holding a surprise tea party for my friends birthday - something which I couldn't write in my diary as she may have seen - but by using the sticker I was able to still record it in my diary and therefore not double book!
Whilst looking for stickers I had 2 designs which I knew would be a necessity, I contacted the lovely Kelly from Stickel Co and asked if she would be able to help out, she kindly offered to design and produce these two labels specially for me and I absolutely love how they turned out! I asked Kelly to create something that could represent blogging and driving lessons, after talking with me about how I wished to use them she decided to create them in label form allowing room to write next to the image. The cars are my favourite as I simply write the time of my driving lesson in the space and stick it in my diary, this saves so much space and at a quick glance I know where I need to be and at what time.
With all the colour from my stickers, I like to stick with a simple black fine liner for my writing, this Smash Book Pen is great as its not only the perfect fine liner but also doubles up as a glue stick on the other side. Additionally, another thing I like to use in my planner is Washi Tape, this is definitely the coconut oil of the crafting world, something I use for everything and anything!
Are you planning on being more organised in 2016? I'd love to know your best tips for staying organised so leave a comment below or contact me on Twitter!
Becca x