Thursday, 31 March 2016

AlohaLolaCards - The World's Loveliest Illustrator

My 4th 'blogiversary' is quickly approaching and so I've been spending the past few days reminiscing on all the amazing opportunities I've had since I first started blogging. For me, the most rewarding part of starting my blog has been the wonderful array of people I've had the opportunity to work with, talk to and in some cases meet.

Most recently, I've got to know the lovely Claire of Aloha Lola Cards; Claire is quite possibly the loveliest human being in the world and also the most insanely talented and unique illustrator I've come across. Claire has her own Etsy shop where you can buy personalised caricature cards, key rings and digital portraits all at incredible prices - the individually hand created and personalised nature of Claire's designs make them the perfect gift!

I was originally introduced to Claire when she so kindly created these personalised Christmas Cards for the most recent Plymouth Blog Meet, I immediately fell in love with her incredible talent to capture everyone's look and personality so accurately in her work (baring in mind she had only seen pictures!).
I knew that I wanted to purchase from Claire again and so I followed her on Twitter where we often chat. In fact more recently, Claire has hosted an Twitter survival game - this was a really innovative and fun game that she created where by you progress through a scenario by answering a series of questions. If you missed out in the last one, she will be hosting another next week so make sure to follow her Twitter @AlohaLolaCards for a chance to win!
Being the lovely person she is, Claire created this incredible digital portrait* for me. What makes Claire so unique is that she ensures she knows exactly what the customer wants, she asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted her to include - the Disney ears were a must - and any photos she could work from. I love that not only did she capture me perfectly, but the attention to detail is incredible as she managed toget the texture and colour of my jumper spot on, and also included my necklace and bag strap - details which were nearly impossible to spot on the photo I sent her. It's these little details which reflect her genuine passion for art and her work, and what makes her stand out from any other illustrators I've seen before.
I reached out to Claire last month to purchase a personalised caricature card for Mother's Day (£3.10). We discussed what I wanted the card to look like and I sent her across 3 photos for inspiration. However, being the awkward mare I am, I asked if she could combine the hair from one photo, outfit from another and pose from the last to make the perfect picture, and Claire did so in a heartbeat. She sent photos of the design as she created it to ensure that I liked it and to ask if there was anything I wanted to change - talk about great customer service! She then packaged it up with a cute letter and it was with me in no time, I can honestly say I had absolutely no problems with her service. My mum and I both love this card so much and it's actually taken residence on the front cover of the scrapbook I made so we can always look at it.
I would recommend Claire for any illustration needs, her talent is incredible but it's her customer service and genuine passion that makes her so unique. And even if you don't want any illustrations just yet, make sure you are following her on Twitter @AlohaLolaCards and send her a message because she is the loveliest lady in the world!
Becca x
// *Claire was kind enough to create the digital portrait in exchange for a blog post, however all opinions are my own and 100% honest //



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