Thursday, 4 August 2016

Dear Isabella and Imogen - An Introduction

Becoming an aunt at age 5 is something many people find weird, but for me I've known no different. I can't remember a time when Lewis wasn't around, and as much as I loved having a nephew to play with, I remember so desperately wanting a baby girl in the family - someone who would play Barbies with me, who I could share clothes with and give makeovers to. Which is why at age 8, when I found out that I was going to have not one but two nieces in the space of a year, I was completely ecstatic.

With only a 7 and 8 year age difference between us, we've grown up with a strange bond that merges the authority and compassion of an aunt figure with the benefits of a sibling and best friend. When you were babies, I was still a little kid myself and used to treat you like real life dolls. One of my earliest memories was dressing Isabella up in my build-a-bear outfits just days after you came home from the hospital. At the time I was so excited to have little girls to play with, but as we've all grown up I have realised that you have given me so much more in life. Now that you're 9 and 10 our relationship has become much more sisterly, we can now have real conversations about your life as opposed to Peppa Pig, you want me to show you how I do my hair and makeup, and we're even able to share clothes - I stole one of Imogen's kimonos the other day!

Even though we've always been super close, I never got to experience the typical sister relationships with my sisters as my friends did with theirs, but now as we get older I get to live that through you two. As we continue to grow and the age gap seemingly lessens, I know our relationship will evolve into even more, I can't wait to take you to concerts, on shopping trips and when you're old enough we will undoubtedly end up going out together. I love watching you grow and the joy of seeing elements of myself reflected through you is incredibly fulfilling, but even more so watching you grow into yourselves and achieving your goals makes me so so proud.

After you told me that you found my blog, I decided I wanted it to be a place where I can not only share my thoughts but somewhere you can come for more advice and guidance, but most of all I wanted it to be something that makes you proud of me. More recently I have been wanting to change the style of some of my blog posts to something more personal and narrative, however I struggled with getting the words down. That's where you come into play, directing my words at you somehow makes it easier for me to write them, as if I'm just talking to you. So, I've decided to create a new series on my blog just for you two, think of it as an open letter where I can share with you my ramblings, trials and tribulations, and hopefully give you a little bit of advice along the way. I know you're both sad that I'm going to be heading off to university, and the thought of not being there all the time to watch and help you grow pains me, so I want you to think of this series as a way of keeping in touch and maintaining my role of aunt from afar. These posts are written with you in mind, and knowing that will encourage me to keep writing them, as well as hopefully giving you that extra connection to me whilst I'm away.

- Becca x