Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tamar Trails Centre

For as long as I can remember, my friends and I have spent our summers complaining about how little there is to do in and around Plymouth, but it hasn't been until this year that we have really begun to appreciate that there is in fact so many wonderful places to explore. Last month a group of bloggers and our friends/ family were invited out for an activity packed day and to learn more about one of these exciting places - the Tamar Trails Centre, situated just outside of Tavistock.

Tamar Trails Centre is home to a heritage centre, cafe and a variety of outdoor activities including bike trails, archery and tree surfing facilities, and to top it off it is located in the scenic Tamar Valley - it really is a hidden gem. When we first arrived at Tamar Trails we were introduced to the staff - and the resident dogs - given a tour around the site and learnt more about the centre and its activities. After signing a waiver we were let loose to have a walk around the trails and explore the site for ourselves. The trails that lead through a gorgeous woodland are clearly signposted making it a perfect location for a family walk, I can only imagine how beautiful it must become in the heart of Autumn!

By far my favourite part of the day was archery, we were whisked away to the middle of the woods where two targets, two bows and an array of arrows greeted us. I've only tried archery a handful of times, however I have always really enjoyed it and so I was certainly excited to try it again. After a wobbly start I finally managed to channel my inner Merida and hit bullseye. Once everyone had got the hang of the bow and arrow we launched into a very heated competition which involved several balloons and a lot of shouting. I was completely gutted when our hour was up and would have happily stayed shooting all day.
We were then swiftly transported back to the main centre and harnessed up for the part of the day I was most anxious about - tree surfing. Although I have been before, my mild fear of heights and falling definitely was not working in my favour. The obstacle course formed of rickety bridges, leaps of faith and tightropes is made 10x more daunting and thrilling by its treetop location. Although it certainly took a lot of courage and persuasion from my friends, channeling my inner Tarzan in the beautiful woodlands was such a unique experience and I'm so proud of myself for facing my fears. Tamar Trails have 3 different courses of different difficulties, and a smaller junior course for younger children to try out.
After all the excitement from the day, we were treated to lunch at the cafe. As soon as we stepped foot inside the cafe the smell of freshly made pasties took over and I for one couldn't resist. Paired with a gorgeous elderflower bubbly and a chocolate brownie it was a true country lunch. There's something so comforting about eating a homemade pasty!
I had a wonderful day exploring Tamar Trails and I will certainly be heading back again soon, I can just imagine how gorgeous it becomes through the different seasons. Its the perfect location for fun family day with such a wide variety of activities you are truly spoiled for choice, it is certainly a hidden gem which deserves a lot more recognition. For more information about Tamar Trails and their wonderful activities make sure to check out their website here!
Becca x
// I was kindly invited out to Tamar Trails to try out activities for consideration of review however as always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own //